Unit Trusts

What will financial planning look like in 15 years time?

The entry of robo-advisors into the market is just the first step.


Brexit fallout spells trouble for SA banks, economy

As volatile markets will hurt earnings for insurers and asset managers.

Nigeria shows how to stop R2/MB mobile data extortion

There’s an easy answer, and it’s staring Icasa in the face.

Acting SABC CEO Jimi Matthews quits

Says can no longer be part of public broadcaster.

If history is any guide, the carnage ain't over yet

To think that less than a week after such a seismic event the worst has passed would be naive.

BRICS eye a new rating company to reduce established firms’ grip

Plan alternative rating company with different pricing model.

High court refuses miners’ leave to appeal

All parties would rather have an out-of-court settlement.

British EU vote causes alarm abroad as ripples spread

Over three million back petition for new EU referendum.

Compassion and empathy have gone out the window

There is no sign that Zim's government have a plan on the way forward; in fact quite the opposite.

Flight of corporate profits poses biggest threat to economy

Tightening of exchange controls against corporations and wealthy individuals offers a short-term solution to balance of payments crisis.

Barclays Africa sees rand at 17.25/$ by year-end after Brexit vote

Uncertainty over trade relations with UK, EU to weigh on rand.

Can Brexit be overturned? What Brits are asking each other today

Is a second vote possible, or could the EU make a new offer?

A brief take on Brexit and emerging markets

Effects will be felt to varying degrees.

'Fair number' of UK Labour policy chiefs to resign - lawmaker

Heidi Alexander resigned as health policy chief for Britain's opposition Labour Party on Sunday.

Listen: Resilient SA institutions can withstand Brexit shock - Gordhan

Critical for government, labour and business to cooperate to stabilise environment.

BlackRock warns of investment, trade losses on Brexit

Expects losses in exports and investment flows to overwhelm gains.

High Court dismisses Zuma's spy tapes appeal

Opens door for corruption charges to be instituted against the president.

Inflation near top of target limits policy options

But cognisant that economic growth is very subdued.

'Don't be greedy, sell gold now' - Major

Peter Major advises investors to cash in on Brexit-induced gold rush - before the precious metal's price bounces back.

Listed property: The dwindling expectation of greatness

As the property bull run cools down.

Rand slumps more than 8% as Brexit stuns markets

Bonds weaken and stocks are set to open lower.

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  The death of the financial advice industry as we know it? Not quite, yes a lot will change i.t.o. advice processes and hopefully it will become better to accurately addre...  

How to help clients reduce volatility in their retirement portfolios

In a future where local markets are likely to provide more muted and volatile returns than investors have enjoyed since 2008, another investment option for investors should be welcomed.

My role as a financial advisor – the need for a financial advisor

What is a well-crafted Financial Plan and what should one look for in their financial advisor?

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