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Impak van voedsel-inflasie: Prof Andre Jooste – hoofbestuurder van mark-en-ekonomiese navorsingsentrum, Lanboubemarkingsraad

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JSE ALSI52,2810.19%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
Hang Seng25,0830.73%2015-04-02 00:17+00:00
Nikkei19,035-0.90%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
Dow Jones close17,7762015-04-02 00:16+00:00
S&P 500 close2,0682015-04-02 00:19+00:00
Gold / oz1,204.18-0.04%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
Silver16.972015-04-02 00:16+00:00
Platinum / oz1,161.25-0.13%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
Brent57.100.71%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
ZAR / USD11.988-0.09%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
AUD / USD0.7602015-04-02 00:16+00:00
Euro / USD0.9290.01%2015-04-02 00:16+00:00
CAD / USD0.7932015-04-02 00:16+00:00


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