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Intergitax – Belasting-fokus: Belasting regulasies & registrasie vir kleinsake: Christo Theron – Lid van die SAICA Nasionale belasting kommitee, Voorsitter van SAICA BTW sub-kommitee

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JSE ALSI52,140-0.60%2015-03-31 13:10+00:00
DAX11,973-0.94%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
CAC 405,038-0.89%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
NasDaq4,9471.15%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
Gold / oz1,186.820.03%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
Silver16.70-0.24%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
Platinum / oz1,131.360.92%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
Brent55.02-2.64%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
ZAR / USD12.2010.47%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
AUD / USD0.761-0.63%2015-03-31 13:10+00:00
Euro / USD0.9300.70%2015-03-31 13:09+00:00
CAD / USD0.785-0.43%2015-03-31 13:10+00:00


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