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Lonmin death toll at 34, 78 injured


JOHANNESBURG – National Police Commissioner Mangwashi Phiyega told media on Friday at Lonmin’s Marikana mine that the total death toll of protestors currently stands at 34 with more than 78 injured and 279 arrested.

One of nearly 550 police officers deployed at the scene was injured in the violence.  “The cops were confronted by protestors that were storming towards them fully determined to die in that field,” provincial police commissioner, Lt-Gen Zukiswa Mbombo said.  

The violence was “justified becasue the police started using minimal force and when that did not work we brought in support from behind … we feel very strongly as management   of the police that it was justified … we did not want protestors to be injured but neither did we want cops to be injured”, he said.

Six firearms were found as well as “numerous dangerous weapons”, she said.

One of the firearms belonged to a SAPS police officer who was killed earlier this week at the mine, she added.
Tension remains high at this stage but we are ensuring that we maintain control of the area, Phiyega noted.

Phiyega said “in other quarters … there is a sense that there should be a commission of inquiry, all I can say is we will cooperate fully” 

Phiyega was speaking after SAPS moved in on strikers camped outside of the Lonmin mining complex in Marikana, Rustenburg, on Thursday. Bullets and teargas were fired (see video).

On Thursday evening Frans Baleni General Secretary of NUM told Moneyweb unconfirmed reports put the fatalities at between 18-25 people. 

One Reuters tweeter reported seeing bodies strewn on the ground. 

Before gunfire was opened on Thursday SAPS Captain Dennis Adriao told Moneyweb, “We have tried over a number of days to negotiate with the leaders and with the gathering here at the mine, our objective is to get the people to surrender their weapons and to disperse peacefully.”

“Today is D-day in terms of if they don’t comply then we will have to act … we will have to take steps,” he said.

The strikers, believed to be mostly rock-drillers employed by Lonmin, have been camping on a koppie just outside of Marikana Township since Tuesday, vowing not to move until their wage demands are met.


It has been reported that the drill-operators, which perform an essential bottleneck function at the mines, are demanding wage increases from current levels of R5 000 to a revised R12 500pm.

However, Lonmin has refused to negotiate with the strikers, saying the strikes are illegal.

“There are no negotiations and there where (sic) never an intention on our behalf to negotiate because this is illegal,” said Barnard Mokwena , executive vice president of human capital and external affairs at Lonmin.

“We have notified (striking) employees this morning to show up for work tomorrow, failing which legal proceedings as determined by the Labour Relations Act will be initiated,” he told Moneyweb.

The company indicated on Tuesday that it would issue warning letters to workers to return to work the following day. However, it refrained to do so on Wednesday.

Trade union Solidarity has gone as far as urging Lonmin’s management to issue a final ultimatum of dismissal to the protesting workers, saying that this type of action, inspired by a “dubious” trade union does “irreprable” damage to SA’s reputation amongst international investors.

Lonmin’s mines have been operating on a skeleton staff since Monday as intimidation has prevented workers from arriving for work, said Mokwena.

It is assumed that output at the mines has effectively dropped to zero although Mokwena would not confirm that, saying it is “market sensitive information.”

A stock exchange news service (Sens) announcement is expected to be published on Thursday afternoon, in which the effect of the strike on Lonmin’s operations will be outlined.

In response to the Lonmin developments, Minister of Labour Mildred Oliphant states, “The violence that has occurred cannot be condoned and has no place in the way that labour relations and inter-union relations should be conducted. The loss of life has been particularly tragic and unnecessary.”

Rustenburg police confirmed on Thursday that six people had been arrested following violent protests at the Lonmin platinum mine, for “various incidents of intimidation.”


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