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TWR|Tower Property Fund Ltd.


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JSE ALSI53,1300.00%2015-03-04 04:14+00:00
Hang Seng24,622-0.33%2015-03-04 04:15+00:00
Nikkei18,694-0.64%2015-03-04 04:15+00:00
Dow Jones close18,2892015-03-04 04:15+00:00
S&P 500 close2,1172015-03-04 04:15+00:00
Gold / oz1,206.630.23%2015-03-04 04:15+00:00
Silver16.330.31%2015-03-04 04:15+00:00
Platinum / oz1,186.000.02%2015-03-04 04:15+00:00
Brent60.78-0.52%2015-03-04 04:15+00:00
ZAR / USD11.747-0.09%2015-03-04 04:14+00:00
AUD / USD0.7820.06%2015-03-04 04:12+00:00
Euro / USD0.8950.05%2015-03-04 04:14+00:00
CAD / USD0.800-0.04%2015-03-04 04:12+00:00

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