South Africa

Nuclear procurement has not begun – Government

‘Process not poisoned by deal with Russians’.

South Africa

Mark Shuttleworth recoups (and gives away) his millions

R350m windfall will benefit “constitutional causes” for all African citizens.


How to read results like an analyst

A checklist to make you a pro.


Out of the blue bid for Blue

Share rises almost 10% in excitement.


Property Mogul September edition now out

Trends in commercial property are unpacked by Moneyweb.


How to solve plummeting SA mine productivity

Opinion: the issues facing SA and its falling mine productivity.

South Africa

Electricity tariffs still not high enough - Eskom

‘Have to become cost reflective’.


Waterfall City, the next Gauteng CBD?

Corporates consolidate head offices in the development node.


Gijima confident on its R100m rights offer

CEO: We’re doing the right things - cost savings aren’t yet showing in the...


A proven strategy for shorting the JSE

Simple strategy uncovers high probability short trades.

Investment Insights

Would you invest R50 a month?

‘Tax-free savings accounts offer opportunity to serve this market'.


Attacq, still on the prowl for development opportunities

Watch a video of CEO Morné Wilken answering questions.


Insurers reassess Gauteng mall risk

Possible premium increases post robberies.

Investment Insights

How does Easy Equities work?

What does it mean to buy a fraction of a share?

Investment Insights

Narrow NAV discounts spell no bargains

Investment holding companies are not cheap.

South Africa

Intellidex partners with Moneyweb

To deliver excellent investment content.

South Africa

Consumers to pay 12.69% more for electricity

R7.8 billion to be recovered from Eskom tariff in 2015/16.

Financial Services

Abil rescue plan to cost PIC R5bn

'Net exposure of the GEPF to Abil stands at just over R4bn' - Nene.

Tutu bashes govt over Dalai Lama

"I am ashamed to call this lickspittle bunch my...

Rand firms in temporary reprieve from heavy selling

Local unit momentarily ignores domestic pressures.

Marriott sees ‘super growth’ in Africa

May build 40 to 50 hotels in Nigeria, SA and Egypt, each,...

Disciplinary hearing against Nkandla officials in October

The first hearing would commence on October 27.

Amplats struggles to go solo

After tearing up a $57 million annual supply contract with...

South Africa car sales up

Export sales also increase.

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Business news headlines

Vehicle exports increased in September.

Markets with Simon Brown

Resource selling across the board.

Average Sept house price up 5.5% y/y

Most buyers are buying a home.

September vehicle sales up 11.5% y/y

Vehicle demand shifting to used market.

Kagiso PMI recovers in September

Unemployment still a concern.

Fostering SA entrepreneurs

How Business Partners assists SMEs.

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Soapbox |

The difference between rich and really rich

The average real income of the top 1% has increased more than 175% as the...

Soapbox | Soapbox

The Euro has had a bad Q3

Don't expect a repeat in Q4.

Soapbox | Soapbox

Ebola is going global. Or not.

Will the virus end up in major cities in Europe or the US, in India or China?

Opinion | Soapbox

Don't pick the wrong iPhone

The simple trick to not picking the wrong iPhone.

Soapbox | Soapbox

Sluggish global growth or asset price bubbles?

Opinions make markets, and when opinions are divided, opportunity beckons.

Soapbox | Soapbox

Is Capitec a responsible investment?

Given the prevailing risks in unsecured lending.

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Sharemax complaints surge after Bam determination

Sars applies for liquidation of Sharemax and termination of the business rescue process.

Master your Money

Offshore investing: risks and strategy

Reader's questions answered

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There will be gold - WGC reports on China's precious decade

The World Gold Council released a broad overview of China's gold sector today and we ...

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