Positive market catalysts realised this week

Providing relief from the recent correction markets have endured.

Special Investigations

Discovery Health rejects Bobroff claims

Only complaint ever received was from RBP.

Corporate Governance

HCI: A very unusual AGM

A little more governance, fewer tears perhaps?

Special Investigations

Few options left for R5 Mandela coin investor

Consumer Protection Act not applicable in this case – NCC.

Going global with a windfall

Savings and Investment Warrior looks for offshore exposure.


The success of the MPRDA’s first-come, first-served process

The application process has been fairly successful in South African mining -...

Financial services

Absa cuts staff in retail bank

About 80 managers affected.

SA news

The vultures are circling

Asset disposals at the beleaguered Ellerines Group have begun.


Rand is world's best-performing currency in October

The longer-term outlook for the currency is positive.

Deal of the week

JSE general corporate finance activity up 55%

Hopeful signs for M&A in the near future.


Property group warns of depressed economy

Adrenna remains cautious.


Vodacom responds to phone number leak claims

'Bug' in a software update made information sporadically visible to other...

Financial services

Abil collecting $230 million of debt a month - supervisor

And has applied for a new banking licence as a step towards re-listing.

Investment insights

You need a ten-year horizon to be in equities

If you can't sit it out, you should be in cash.

Investment Insights

Three ways to stretch your retirement pot

‘At 65 you still have a long-term investment horizon’


Ellies directors back the company

Take steps to recapitalise.

Financial services

SA’s financial system is sound - Sarb

At odds: Bad debt has decreased, but overdraft rates are lower.


Vodacom exposing your number to every website you visit

HTTP headers are being injected into requests you send to web servers.


Building a pan-African platform

CIL sees strong results from Angola.

Gold falls with silver to lowest since 2010

Affected by Japanese stimulus, the Fed decision to stop...

SA is a water scarce country - Zuma

"We continue to focus on providing water throughout the...

Rand gains seen as Fed bogeyman exits stage

Rand could be world’s best-performing major currency this...

Insurers target Africa as millions buy cover - LeapFrog

“Insurers are attracted by expected growth in demand for...

Post office sitting on mail 'mountain'

Reducing the backlog would require staff to work overtime.

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Markets with Wayne McCurrie

Lewis picks Beares from Ellerines’ carcass.

Road Accident Fund claims clarified

Discovery members not obliged to claim from RAF

Inequality in light of Oxfam report

‘Free up the labour law’ – Leon Louw

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Soapbox | Soapbox

China is very, very, very, very big

For China not to become the world’s largest economy, it would not take just a...

Soapbox | Soapbox

QE gave emerging markets brief gains, lasting pain

The $4trn bond-buying splurge raised the growth rate in many developing...

Marc's Mouth-Off | Marc Ashton

17 tips for entrepreneurs

Sound advice from Alan Knott-Craig (Jr), with a caveat.

Soapbox | Soapbox

Is China headed for a boom or bust?

The world’s most populous nation is on the cusp of either a debt meltdown, or a...

Marc's Mouth-Off | Marc Ashton

'Your money is not good enough'

Tsogo Sun plays by its own rules.

Master your Money | Patrick Cairns

Can I choose my own living annuity rate?

Reader's question answered.

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Editors' Picks

Financial services

Evidence of reckless lending by African Bank?

Abil lends to seemingly over-indebted consumer.

Market Commentator

'To some extent, volatility is probably your friend'

Simon Raubenheimer: 'Allan Gray's added a lot more value in down markets than in up markets'.

Moneyweb network latest

There will be gold - WGC reports on China's precious decade

The World Gold Council released a broad overview of China's gold sector today and we ...

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