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Go forth and plunder

21 July 2014 00:27  SA’s Ponzi pandemic.

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R350m for DefenceX investors

22 April 2014 00:10  Chris Walker promoting the Ubuntu Party.

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Hawks are not investigating R800m Defencex Ponzi

13 February 2014 23:44

A year later no complaint has been laid by the Reserve Bank.

Krion liquidators take 11 years to file first account

12 November 2013 12:24

Legal costs of R74m and liquidator fees of R10m leave little for investors.

Zantech Ponzi took deposits under Reserve Bank's nose

07 August 2013 00:18

For months regulators looked on as alleged serial Ponzi schemer conned the poor.

Defencex: What now?

07 July 2013 23:23

Members could be asked to repay income received from the scheme.

Chris Walker breaks the silence

01 July 2013 09:58

Defencex mastermind: SARB thinks I'm the biggest criminal in SA.

Defencex’s Chris keeps on walking

28 June 2013 13:48

Defencex's mastermind works on two new US based get-rich-quick schemes.

25%-a-month investment scheme flourishes

26 June 2013 23:35

Scheme accepts money from greedy and desperate, while regulators look on.

Chris Walker diverted more than R20m to himself

26 June 2013 16:25

Judge: “Walker has demonstrated an inclination to treat [Defencex] money as his own”.

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Another indicator that motorists' continue to reject the system - DA MP.

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Property: the good,the bad and the ugly

Residential property in a seven-year bear market.

Go forth and plunder

SA’s Ponzi pandemic.


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