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Gijima H1 revenue down 18.6%

31 March 2014 07:14  New CFO appointed.

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Gijima welcomes SIU probe

02 March 2014 22:46  Investigation into a department of land reform project.

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Small cap contract caution

28 January 2014 23:51  Investment entry point is crucial.

Micro lender tops 2013 stock picks

08 January 2014 23:34

Winner backed his bet and is worth R21m today.

Gijima appoints new CEO

10 October 2013 13:28

Executive chair also appointed.

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Gijima will not ‘bow down to ambush tactics’

08 October 2013 17:08

Gijima responds to R184m damages claim article.

Gijima hit by R184m damages claim

08 October 2013 01:09

Update: Gijima responds. Simulated agreement to go under the legal spotlight.

Gijima sees steeper FY loss

23 September 2013 12:15

Shares take 14% knock.

Does Investec's Biccard hog small-cap ideas?

15 August 2013 00:37

John Biccard’s personal investment in Delta EMD is worth R20m.

Gijima CFO resigns

09 July 2013 11:37

Acting CEO appointed.

Forget the dotcom bomb, IT is a sector to watch

25 April 2013 01:03

See table comparing PE ratios and share prices of eight top IT companies.

A glance at listed ICT stocks' risks and rewards

16 April 2013 13:18

Included Gijima, EOH, Pinnacle, Mustek and Datatec, along with two ICT service groups.

Gijima tumbles on first-half loss

02 April 2013 10:35

Gijima's shares tumble more than 50%.

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