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Icasa to review radio, TV content regulations

25 July 2014 15:08  Calls for public comment.

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Icasa may reconsider mobile rate cut proposal

24 March 2014 11:22  'We may review 2015 and 2016 ... to avert a very lengthy legal challenge.'

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Icasa brings forward mobile rate cuts

20 February 2014 14:12  Delaying 2014 regulations by a month.

Icasa gets new CEO

28 October 2013 12:29

Former Vodacom exec takes the reins in November.

Free TV channel on cards for Gauteng

09 July 2012 09:42

Icasa considering GauTV application for 24-hour satellite channel licence.

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  • TopTV CEO not axed: board

    01 February 2012 16:10

    Following media speculation that Govender is set to leave the broadcaster.

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    Icasa goes to court over porn

    11 January 2012 03:16

    Applied for a court interdict to stop the launch of 24hr porn channel.

    ICASA to decide Super5Media's fate

    12 December 2011 12:04

    Halts its plans to hold public hearings on whether to grant it yet another extension.

    Radio equipment seized at ArcelorMittal

    03 December 2011 06:24

    After it failed to pay a R2m fine.

    Icasa tightens online security

    07 October 2011 16:13

    Regulator reacts to Moneyweb article.

    Icasa leaks confidential information

    07 September 2011 11:31

    Moneyweb and a member of our community discover complainants’ personal information.

    Super 5 has 4 months to launch new pay-TV service

    05 May 2011 03:10

    Icasa believes Super 5 could launch before its licence expires in August.

    'No digital dividend'

    08 April 2011 15:04

    SA's broadcasting plan won't allow it to reap all the benefits of migrating to digital TV, because it is fundamentally flawed.

    ICASA gets new head

    01 July 2010 14:03

    Stephen Mncube has been appointed as the new chairman.

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