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30 July 2012 18:41

You can now shop online at Mr Price

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Clients have a variety of delivery and payment options.

On Monday Mr Price launched its online retail offering, allowing customers to access the entire fashion and merchandise range - nearly 18 000 items.

According to Business Day, CEO Stuart Bird says it will enable the company to further strengthen relationships with its target customers.

Bird reportedly said that the company has made the site web- and mobi-enabled, allowing customers to transact computers or cell phones.

Business Day states that Mr Price is offering a variety of delivery options and six ways to pay: credit card, debit card, cash (for store collections), electronic funds transfer, gift vouchers and the in-house MrPricemoney account.

For a fee of R35, goods will be delivered to customers’ homes, places of work or nearest post offices or stores. E-vouchers can also be bought and sent electronically via e-mail or SMS.

"The whole process is underpinned by industry-leading security. We will be the first South African retailer to be partnering with CyberSource, a payment gateway and fraud mitigation service provider that counts many of the world’s top online retailers as its customers, including Apple’s iTunes store," Bird reportedly said.

The publication reports that, according to Mr Price’s research, e-commerce sales in South Africa made up less than 0.5% of total retail sales, lagging behind the US, the UK, Europe and parts of Asia, where e-commerce as a percentage of total retail sales ranges between 7% and 10%.

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