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Naspers back in Poland

10 June 2009 17:42

This time it is buying Polish Internet portal

MTN boss bags R13m bonus

09 June 2009 13:05

Directors earn millions as the yellow machine powers ahead...

Brain age scheme fined

05 June 2009 12:49

Industry regulator asks iTouch to amend a scheme which has been infuriating internet users.

Altech acquires majority stake in NuPay

04 June 2009 10:24

With ancillary agreements from ABSA Bank Limited for a purchase consideration of R53.5 million.

Fitch comments on potential transaction betwen Bharti and MTN

03 June 2009 05:09

Fitch takes note of the strategic merits of a potential partnership between Bharti and MTN, as well as the positive impact on...

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