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09 November 2010 13:24

MultiChoice cuts decoder prices, adds new DStv channel

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MultiChoice takes aim at festive shoppers with lower priced decoders, as well as a new holiday channel.

MultiChoice recently reduced the price of its ‘Standard DSD1131 Decoder' - which includes installation and a dish - to R599. This is R50 less than the previous price of R649.

Retail outlets such as Makro and Hi-Fi Corporation are selling the standard DStv decoder package for R549, R50 less than the suggested MultiChoice pricing.

Despite the price reductions, the DStv decoder is still significantly more expensive than TopTV's decoder package - which also includes a dish and installation - which is priced at R299 at outlets such as Dion Wired.

One area where TopTV does not compete against MultiChoice is High Definition TV, and here MultiChoice is also reducing prices to try to get their decoders into consumers' houses. MultiChoice has reduced the price of its entry level DStv HD PVR to R1,899, down from the usual R1,999.

New channel

MultiChoice today announced that it will be adding a new holiday channel to its DStv bouquets. The M-199 channel, previously known as the M-Net holiday channel, gives subscribers the opportunity to catch up on their favourite series or movie that they might have missed during the year.

The channel will be available from 10 December 2010 to 9 January 2011 and will broadcast daily from 8am to 1am.

Aletta Alberts, General Manager of Content at MultiChoice says: "This time of the year is all about providing the whole family with great entertainment. We believe that M-199 will add to the overall experience and give our subscribers more choice this festive season."

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