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Francois Strydom – besturende direkteur, Senwes

07 August 2013 16:25

Andries van Zyl gesels met Francois Strydom – besturende direkteur, Senwes.

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Jeanette Hern – partner & deputy CEO, Grant Thornton

07 August 2013 00:09

On gender equality, education and a look at her career path to the top.

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Amelia Morgenrood – portefuljebestuurder en direkteur, PSG Silverlakes & onafhankelike direkteur, Agrinet

24 July 2013 16:25

Andries van Zyl gesels met Amelia Morgenrood – portefuljebestuurder en direkteur,...

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Ian Moir – CEO, Woolworths

24 July 2013 00:09

On South African consumers, the future of Woolworths and his career.

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Kuseni Dlamini - former head, Anglo American SA Operations

10 July 2013 19:04

Discusses the future of the mining sector.

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Brand Pretorius – voormalige uitvoerende hoof, McCarthy Motors

10 July 2013 16:25

Andries van Zyl gesels met Brand Pretorius – voormalige uitvoerende hoof, McCarthy...

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Kevin Vermaak – race founder, Cape Epic

26 June 2013 19:04

From a dream to the Absa Cape Epic. The turnover now for the race is about R50m.

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Hoër Esjelon Potgooi > Carnie van der Linde – uitvoerende hoof, Sandoz SA

12 June 2013 16:25

Hy praat oor generiese medisyne asook uitdagings aan die pharmaseutiese bedryf om...

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Upper Echelon: Martin Feinstein - CEO of Traction

12 June 2013 15:34

Insights from the founder of Proudly South African

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Jacques du Toit - senior eiendomsontleder & ekonoom, Absa Huislenings

29 May 2013 19:04

Andries van Zyl gesels met Jacques du Toit, senior eiendomsontleder & ekonoom, Absa...

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Hassen Adams – chairman, Grand Parade Investments

29 May 2013 19:04

The man who bought Burger King to SA.

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Upper Echelon: Barry Swartzberg - co-founder, Discovery

17 May 2013 11:45

How two university friends, with a knack for developing products, started...

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Hoër Esjelon Potgooi: Mardia van der Walt-Korsten - hoof van Afrika-en Midde-Ooste vir T-Systems International

02 May 2013 14:31

Andries van Zyl gesels met Mardia van der Walt-Korsten, hoof van T-Systems in Afrika...

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