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Paul Leonard

Executive Director at Consolidated Financial Planning (Eastern Cape).
Name Paul Leonard
Date of birth 13-05-1967
Education B.Sc. CFP
Family Wife and three children
First job Working underground in a gold mine to earn money to pay university fees
Hobbies Singing, musical theatre
Favourite movie Schindler’s list
Favourite book Many: Some of them are: “The 7 Habits of highly effective people” – Steven Covey, “The millionaire next door” - Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, “Bible”, “Margin” – Richard Swenson, and many more…
What are you currently reading? “Drive” by Daniel Pink
Best business book you've read? “Good to Great” by Jim Collins
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Geographically: in PE, Career wise: experiencing increased mastery of business acumen as well as financial planning and growing as a subject expert and skilful presenter in the area of behavioral finance; Hobby: Become a truly skilful presenter, Pass ATCL Singing and Acting exams with distinction; Family – present and active in the lives of my wife and children, Physically – between 88 and 93 kg; Spiritually – regular quite times of reflection and rejuvenation and active involvement in my local church
What advice would you give school leavers/graduates? Follow a path with topics and subjects that you are really interested in and adopt an attitude of lifelong learning.
Do you have a role model - if so, who? Many, my late mother – for her strength in the face of terminal illness, Nelson Mandela for his staying power and ability to maintain dignity over decades of tribulation, King Solomon (of the Bible) for his hunger for wisdom, and more…
Where is your favourite holiday spot? I need to go on holiday more often to figure this one out – I’m a recovering workaholic (ha ha!)
Person you would most like to meet? The authors of my favourite books
What car do you drive? Chrysler Grand Voyager – people carrier for the family
What is the quality you like most about yourself? Ability to remain calm in a “storm”
Where would you like to live in retirement? ? Interestingly I am planning to become financially independent (a capital base large enough to sustain my lifestyle), but not necessarily planning to fully retire – I would like to continue working and contributing until the end.

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