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Rainbow Power Cement can't manufacture or supply cement to SA - regulator

16 October 2019  / Roy Cokayne
PPC says independent tests reveal 33% sample failure rate of 14 cement products in Gauteng.

Art of the 'phase one' deal

16 October 2019  / Dave Mohr and Izak Odendaal
Top economies are striking long-awaited deals, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth forecast uncertain

15 October 2019  / Moneyweb
The economies of Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda are thriving while those of South Africa and Nigeria remain in the doldrums.

PIC splits roles to cut CEO power

15 October 2019  / Paul Vecchiatto and Janice Kew, Bloomberg
This comes after facing criticism about concentrating too much power on one CEO.

Kigali, now Durban: Mara Group to open second African smartphone plant

15 October 2019  / Suren Naidoo
President Cyril Ramaphosa and Mara's CEO will officially open SA's first fully-fledged smartphone manufacturing plant in Durban on Thursday.

EOH blacklists 50 'enterprise development' partners

15 October 2019  / Duncan McLeod
Law firm makes 'significant progress' investigating corruption in EOH's public sector business.

Three in four active equity managers have underperformed

15 October 2019  / Patrick Cairns
The latest Spiva scorecard is not encouraging for the average investor.

Quantity vs quality: SA’s job-creation dilemma

15 October 2019  / Mamokgethi Molopyane
Would government enable an environment that allows businesses to simply create jobs?

Members are ditching top-end Discovery Health plans

15 October 2019  / Hilton Tarrant
About a quarter of the base has disappeared over the past five years.

Sub-Saharan Africa's economic outlook uncertain as global growth teeters

15 October 2019  / Vuyani Ndaba, Reuters
South Africa is expected to grow 0.6% in 2019 and 1.2% in 2020, according to forecast.

Only two provinces have above-average living conditions – report

15 October 2019  / Tebogo Tshwane
New index finds they are the usual culprits: Gauteng and the Western Cape.

CCMA saw 'unanticipated' increase in case load in 2018/9

15 October 2019  / Tebogo Tshwane
Legislative changes and large-scale retrenchments the leading causes.

South Africans are paying more to drink

15 October 2019  / Melitta Ngalonkulu
Retailer revenue growth is soaring, while sales volumes remain steady.

Council for Built Environment facing competition compliance challenges

15 October 2019  / Roy Cokayne
CompCom concerned its rules are exclusionary and won't promote transformation.

Intended use of bailout money crux of Eskom's case against Nersa

14 October 2019  / Moneyweb
Utility will need to convince the courts that Nersa’s methodology in determining the electricity price increase was flawed.

Nuclear energy company’s not-so-secret plan to beat the courts

14 October 2019  / Ciaran Ryan
With two court rulings against Necsa, why are board members hanging on?

Why South African assets are looking attractive

14 October 2019  / Moneyweb
Foreign direct investment trends in SA.

Sars – Please protect me from yourself

14 October 2019  / Barbara Curson
The revenue service has tricky bridges to cross in its long, arduous journey to recovery.

When high returns raise suspicions

14 October 2019  / Adriaan Kruger
House of Monopoly offers 20% monthly returns, but is keeping mum on how this is possible.

Highest growth in home loans since 2010

14 October 2019  / Suren Naidoo
Year-on-year increase of 4.9% in August bodes well for the property sector.

'In gold we trust': 2019 Report

14 October 2019  / Jerry Schuitema
Should it be restored as the core of money?

Adapt IT’s annual profit slides

14 October 2019  / Duncan McLeod
Dividend payment decision deferred.

Zuma’s and Thales’ applications squashed by High Court

14 October 2019  / Barbara Curson
Can be indicted for racketeering, corruption, money laundering, and fraud.

What makes us spend too much?

14 October 2019  / Craig Torr
In a world of infinite choice, accepting that we can have anything we want but not everything we want can be tough.

Five key things to watch for as SA acts to fix Eskom

14 October 2019  / Mike Cohen, Bloomberg 
Several key decisions are due to be taken this month.



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