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Eskom CEO says getting independents onto power grid will be costly

28 Jan 2020  / Antony Sguazzin, Bloomberg 
Initial costs will be significant says Andre de Ruyter.

Making the rate cut work for your stokvel

27 Jan 2020  / Moneyweb
Even small communal savings can help a group reach various goals faster than expected.

Assets fall as China virus fears grow, rand tumbles

27 Jan 2020  / Shreyashi Sanyal, Reuters
Rand set for worst day is over two weeks.

Cars, pets and summer holidays

27 Jan 2020  / Patrick Cairns
The missing piece in many personal budgets.

Manhunt for a biology teacher; Zimbabwe's shame

27 Jan 2020  / Cathy Buckle
As dismal O-level exam pass rate of 31.6% is announced.

Regulator warns against 'Moneyweb Private Bank'

24 Jan 2020  / Moneyweb
The entity isn't authorised to render any financial advice and intermediary services.

Virus sell-off hits SA stocks hard on China exposure

27 Jan 2020  / John Viljoen, Bloomberg
Stocks record steepest decline in more than eight months.

Checklist: Things to do before the end of the tax year

27 Jan 2020  / Gareth Collier
Ensure you've taken all steps possible to reduce your overall tax liability.

The value of a living will

27 Jan 2020  / Andre Basson
Once drawn up, a living will should be signed and kept in the safe custody of a doctor or attorney/fiduciary specialist.

Woolworths hit by weak Australia, December results

27 Jan 2020  / Emma Rumney, Reuters
Interim headline earnings seen down by 15-20%.

Third attempt to wind up Oakbay heads to court

27 Jan 2020  / Ciaran Ryan
Rescue practitioners for other Gupta companies say it's unable to repay R402m loan.

Shunned by the West and China, Zimbabwe turns to UAE

27 Jan 2020  / Antony Sguazzin, Ray Ndlovu and Godfrey Marawanyika, Bloomberg
As the country's economy continues to free fall.

SA small business secures cracker supply deal with Walmart

25 Jan 2020  / Suren Naidoo
Landmark agreement signed this week will see innovative Christmas cracker maker gain access to lucrative US market.

New Eskom CEO warns against hasty unbundling of firm

26 Jan 2020  / Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo, Reuters
We must be careful not to create risks that may end up causing a less stable system - Andre de Ruyter.

When a company falls out with its CEO

26 Jan 2020  / Rehana Cassim
Lessons from Old Mutual.

UK-Africa trade and investment: who benefits?

26 Jan 2020  / Ian Scoones
Not all investments are bad. But they aren't all good either.

The banking industry is spending wildly on the latest tech

26 Jan 2020  / Elisa Martinuzzi, Bloomberg Opinion
The finance industry is investing billions on digitisation, but doesn’t seem to know whether this is helping profit.

Have we reached peak globalisation?

26 Jan 2020  / Bloomberg
Some economists seem to think so.

Age discrimination is bad ...

26 Jan 2020  / Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg Opinion
For the bottom line.

Why professionals need wealth managers

25 Jan 2020  / Michael Hertz
Being less likely to own a saleable asset at retirement is one reason.

Private assets in 2020: What next?

25 Jan 2020  / Georg Wunderlin
Interest in private assets will continue to grow over the next year, experts say.

SA stocks hit hardest as coronavirus spooks investors worldwide

27 Jan 2020  / John Viljoen, Bloomberg
Deadly coronavirus outbreak weighs on JSE.

Ramaphosa's famous negotiating skills have failed him. Here's why

25 Jan 2020  / Matthew Graham
Is there a solution?

Amateur investors are making risky bets that could wipe them out

25 Jan 2020  / Ken McCallum, Bloomberg
The fallout could be mass individual defaults that hurt the financial sector, expert says.



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