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Why Consol’s JSE debut fell apart

Speculation is rife that the exit of private equity investors and Consol’s debt burden has made investors worried.

Have fund managers missed the next Steinhoff?

Tough questions must be asked by investors as all eyes turn to possible shady dealings at Resilient Reit.

Return of the old guard at Rebosis

Property titan Sisa Ngebulana returns to the company as CEO to replace Andile Mazwani, who has been at the top job for less than a year.

Whipped investment funds are sticking with Resilient

Despite nervousness about whether market regulators will find the property group guilty of share price manipulation.

Sassa top boss says sorry over grants fiasco, but…

Paying legal costs out of her own pocket will have a negative impact on her family members, said Sassa’s acting CEO Pearl Bengu.

Are NDP targets becoming more unattainable?

Reaching economic growth of more than 5% from by 2030, seems unrealistic, at best.

Inside Irba’s Deloitte disciplinary hearings

Two senior partners accused of suppressing evidence.

Are recent economic projections for SA too optimistic?

It appears that the new addition to SA’s lexicon of ‘Ramaphoria’ is largely at play. 

Resilient and Fortress start to unwind

The property group plans to dispose its Fortress shares – the start of the process to eliminate the complex web of cross-holdings with sister companies.

Resilient’s own probe in the spotlight

All eyes are on whether the findings of the property group’s investigation into allegations of share price manipulation will corroborate that of market regulators.

Consol returns to the JSE

The glass-packaging manufacturer will likely be valued between R10 billion and R75 billion as it plans a market debut for the second time.

Listed property: The cost of Resilient jitters

The Cinderella story of listed property has come to a screeching halt but SA-focused stocks are staging a comeback.

AdvTech’s coup in Kenya and Uganda

The private education group races against the clock to meet its 2020 target by purchasing schools in Kenya and Uganda. 

High noon for SOEs to reform

SA’s economic growth and fiscal measures to stabilise debt hinges on SOEs, said rating agency S&P Global.

How Maite plans to expropriate land without compensation

She is prepared to bypass a committee, which is yet to complete its work in weighing-up expropriation without compensation.

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