Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa's most respected commentators on the investment industry. He also covers economics issues and business news.

Are you buying what asset managers are selling?

There is a need for realignment.

Sasol special report part 2: How do you solve a problem like Secunda?

The complexity of dealing with Sasol’s carbon emissions.

The holes in employer pension funds

Many see the benefit as a detraction from their pay rather than a personal-wealth gain – and for good reason.

How companies behave matters

It is not just about profits.

Getting the best of both worlds in retirement

Hybrid annuities can now be used within pension funds.

Getting to grips with the trade war

Where is it all going?

The funds most exposed to Sasol

Counting the cost of the problems at Lake Charles.

Special report: Sasol’s lack of accountability

The company has never met its own emissions targets, and shareholders don’t seem to have noticed.

Structural shifts in the unit trust market

The growth in passive products continues, while the number of active funds stalls.

We survived Zuma, but can we survive the prophets of doom?

We are being disempowered by our own fears.

The funds most exposed to UK property stocks

And the impact as share prices fall.

How bad is the foreign selling of SA assets?

Putting it in context.

The long list of shorts

The JSE appears full of opportunities for hedge fund managers.

Should you be able to opt out of Regulation 28?

If investors have different needs, they should surely have choice.

Creating the environment for a recovery in South Africa

Sentiment matters.

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