Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa's most respected commentators on the investment industry. He also covers economics issues and business news.

The bridesmaid of the local investment industry

Hedge funds struggle to gain traction.

Big players get bigger in the balanced fund space

As uptake increases significantly.

Can things still get worse on the JSE?

They can, but there are good reasons to believe that it’s becoming less likely.

Mining on the JSE is not what it used to be

When investing in locally listed stocks, you’re no longer getting much exposure to SA.

What is needed to encourage exploration in SA?

It is vital for the sustainability of the industry.

SA’s top priority: ethical leadership

Without it, investor confidence will not recover.

Restoring the relationship

The mining industry is back on speaking terms with government.

Three questions from the Raging Bulls

The good, the complicated, and the ugly.

The biggest risk to investors: their own capitulation

Especially as harsh market reality leads to investor fatigue.

And the most nonsensical Raging Bull Award goes to …

The black asset manager of the year.

Smaller managers shine once again at Raging Bulls

But Allan Gray retains its title as manager of the year.

How should investors evaluate SA’s S&P 500 ETFs?

Is tracking error a useful measure?

From SA’s worst performing manager to a top performer

RECM reverses its fortunes.

Can you spot the next JSE superhero?

Are there lessons for investors?

JSE Superhero No 3 – Naspers

Superpower: Trendspotting.

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