Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa's most respected commentators on the investment industry. He also covers economics issues and business news.

Are the JSE’s gains sustainable?

There’s reason to believe there is support for these levels on the local market.

Value investing 70 years on

Can you still invest like Benjamin Graham?

The danger in focusing on past performance

What historical fund returns can and can’t tell you.

Local active managers outperformed in 2018

But global managers struggled to add value.

Does it matter what your fund manager looks like?

Why should we care if the asset management industry is dominated by men?

Where are the women money managers?

It’s a global question.

Sarb governor: ‘We’ve been on the frontlines’

Why central bank independence is about more than monetary policy – it’s a democratic imperative.

You could take care of your children’s retirement

The power of planning ahead.

Is the average fund manager actually below average?

The folly of measuring returns against other managers.

Make money like Michael Jackson

Music royalties offer an interesting alternative investment.

How do you get investors to save more, and for longer?

You give them a nudge.

Is there now more value locally than offshore?

Prospective returns on the JSE over the next five years could be better than from international markets.

Does your financial advisor know everything?

Of course not – but are they willing to admit as much?

The unhealthy side of dividends

Are companies necessarily able to make good capital allocation decisions when paying out cash to shareholders?

What history tells us about the current state of the JSE

Markets are long-term machines.

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