Three years after its collapse, the men behind Bridge Finance face the law

Three members of the Aldum family and attorney Clifford Coombe all charged by the NPA.

Dividends can be sexy

The contribution they make to returns is often unnoticed, but over time is significant.

Questions raised over mortgage bond scheme

Loxfin and Mortgage Secured Finance are offering a 13.5% return, but it’s not clear how they generate it.

Investment industry commends Treasury decision to withdraw tax proposals

Tax treatment of collective investment schemes will not change for now.

No wonder investors are confused

There’s no simple way to pick a fund manager.

SA’s top-performing equity funds

The struggle to find outperformance.

Steinhoff: Nobody knew anything

Jooste’s testimony closes the loop.

Is there a cheaper alternative to hedge funds?

One that most local investors are already using?

The JSE’s most popular stocks

And how they’ve changed since last year.

You probably won’t see the next crash coming

So what should you do about it?

The hedge fund issue isn’t just about returns

It’s also about diversification.

AfroCentric’s legal issues: the other side of the story

Neil Harvey & Associates explains its position.

‘We almost lost the country’

Bringing SOEs back from the brink.

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