Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa's most respected commentators on the investment industry. He also covers economics issues and business news.

Life insurers have to take control of their reputations

Why do they have such an image problem when the statistics are so much in their favour?

Is active management really better in negative markets?

What has the experience been in South Africa over the past five years?

Will banks be forced to sharpen up?

Coming legislation is raising expectations that the way interest rates are advertised will be under scrutiny.

Is Finbond really paying 15.5% interest?

Well, no.

The importance of dividends

And the wonder of compounding.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure full disclosure?

Can brokers do more to protect their clients?

The JSE’s short-term pain

But there is a longer-term story.

Offshore diversification is not about eliminating risk

It’s about managing it.

So you treated me fairly. Should I be grateful?

It’s a rather poor standard to be held to.

The Momentum lesson: Following the law is not enough

Financial services sector has to move past compliance.

Emerging managers can’t all become big managers

Consolidation is inevitable.

What has happened to value investing?

The world seems to have become polarised in terms of investment opportunities.

Would you rather get Absa’s interest rate, or its dividend?

You can currently get a higher yield from the share than you would in a notice account.

The Momentum question: What is fair, and who decides?

Finding the balance in financial services.

The machines are already here

How artificial intelligence is impacting asset management.

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