Hilton Tarrant works at YFM. Prior to that, he worked at a specialist software development agency after leaving a full-time, award-winning career as a financial journalist. He has been a financial journalist since 2005.

The bear and bull case for MultiChoice

Some arguments ignore the data, many are simply missing the point …

Load shedding need not be so predictably shambolic

Why is there no coordinated management of this crisis?

The last thing Woolies needs right now …

Something is up at WHL Australia – it’s just not clear what.

The possible successors to Ramos

Could Nedbank’s succession plan influence Absa’s choice?

Why doesn’t Absa have a successor to Ramos?

This is nothing less than a failure of the board.

Banks need to radically rethink fees

But do they even realise they should?

How to halve your home loan term

Disciplined additional payments make a big difference.

Shareholders finally find their voice on executive pay

Six market darlings (well, mostly) under pressure …

Prescribed assets ‘won’t work’ – industry

Asisa and Sygnia’s Magda Wierzycka weigh in …

ANC still eyeing pension assets

Election manifesto language far more specific than vague Nasrec resolution …

Purple backtracks over chair Barnes’s R2.8m pay

Group’s after-that-fact contention of ‘incorrect disclosure’ is curious.

MTN Group execs awarded R117m in shares

All that’s needed is for the operator to actually perform …

Banks hike fees in lower end of the market

‘Platinum’ and ‘gold’ accounts up in line with inflation.

Two clear winners in low-cost banking battleground

Only two banks lead in the vanilla account space.

Absa: The problem with its revised financial targets …

Everything hinges on a turnaround of its retail bank.

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