Ciaran Ryan is a Johannesburg-based freelance writer who has a background in finance and mining, having previously headed up a gold mining operation in Ghana. He currently writes for several SA and overseas journals on matters ranging from mining to investment.

Transnet pension funds’ R100bn dagger pointed at the heart of SA

R100 billion – that’s what Transnet owes pensioners, who are dying off at the rate of 300 to 400 a month.

One of SA’s oldest gold mines fights for its life

Barbrook and its sister mine Lily court local and overseas investors as part of a plan to bring the pair out of business rescue.

Sisters need to be doing it for themselves

Girls born today are likely to live past 100, and they won’t want to be pinching pennies at any age.

Head of e-tolls company was an e-tolls boycotter

But Coenie Vermaak warns that you better prepare for a six-hour commute between Joburg and Pretoria if we don’t solve the problem.

Women tend to be at a disadvantage in retirement

Women live longer than men, earn less, and increasingly have to survive on their own – so what they do today really counts.

A simple way to save without really noticing it

Liberty’s Stash app rounds up your spending to the nearest R10 and stashes it for you.

SA’s twisted history of pension fund plunder

Two recent cases should be cause for worry.

Lonmin’s dire financial status laid bare in court case

The mining group made an aggregate loss of R49bn over four years.

Acsa and minorities head back to court over valuation of shares

Minorities want to be bought out at R78 a share, Acsa offers half this.

Homeowners are moving less frequently

The costs associated with moving up or even downsizing have become prohibitive for many.

Claims of chaos and sabotage at the drivers’ licence printing shop

Expect backlogs in the issuing of new drivers’ licences while offloaded workers take matters to the bargaining council.

Showdown in court over controversial Mpumalanga mining project

Last minute attempt by state to shift the boundaries of a protected area to allow coal mining project slapped down.

Pretoria High Court says banks are abusing the justice system

Banks are clogging the system by bringing cases to the high court that properly belong in the lower courts.

Time is running out for e-tolls, yet the summons blitz kicks into high gear

While the contractor issues 4 000 summonses a month, the legal woes continue.

Ghosts of the Guptas still haunt Optimum coal mine

Did the Guptas put plans in place to buy Optimum out of business rescue for a song?

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