Amanda has been a journalist since 1986 and has worked in print, radio, television and online. She joined the world of financial journalism around 2003 and has never looked back. She specializes in tax and has written about trade law, competition law and regulatory issues.

Caution needed about the hype around ‘pervasive profit shifting’

Report welcomed, but additional factors need to be considered.

Executive ‘clawbacks’ may have unfair tax implications

If defined as restricted equity instruments, provisions could have ‘impractical, unbusinesslike or oppressive’ consequences.

Industry pleas for dialogue on capped foreign income exemption

Treasury is sticking to its amendment to limit the tax-free income South Africans earn outside of the country to R1m.

Think again before flouting domestic rules when investing abroad

No protection under bilateral investment treaty for company that failed to comply with host country legislation.

Good news for taxpayers battling refunds, disputes

Additional refunds of R11bn will be made to taxpayers to clear the backlog.

Corporates with outstanding tax returns may face penalties

Returns must be submitted by the end of November if penalties are to be avoided.

Tax survey highlights areas for service delivery improvements

Respondents feel Sars is not living up to expectations.

Dramatic change in financial visibility aids tax authorities

Multinational groups will now have to explain how and why they charge for services and goods, to and from subsidiaries.

‘Discriminatory tax amendment’ may affect non-bank lenders

The recent Taxation Laws Amendment Bill discriminates between banks and non-bank lenders in the taxation of doubtful debt.

More options for those who prefer to ‘defer’ retirement

Proposed changes to the tax treatment of retirement funds will give retirees greater flexibility when it comes to transferring and withdrawing their benefits.

Recommended items for zero-rating will cost fiscus R4bn

70% of the relief will benefit poor households.

Tinkering taxes at own cost

Some OECD member countries have tried to use their tax systems to ease inequalities, but the practice comes with consequences.

An incorrect IRP5 could jeopardise foreign income, travel tax claims

Without the right source code, taxpayers could be in trouble.

Taxpayers remain responsible for their tax affairs

Taxpayers are encouraged to be pro-active.

Sars service charter delights and disappoints

The new Sars Service Charter places an obligation on taxpayers to ‘encourage’ others to pay their taxes and duties on time and in full.

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