Barbara is a CA(SA) with post graduate qualifications in tax and international tax. Her experience includes working for auditors, large corporates, and Sars. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests.

Illicit tobacco trade: Cheap manufacturer fights back

Defamation suit simply a ‘ruse to deflect from the real crisis’ – #TakeBackTheTax.

Can Ayo deliver, that is the question

The deal has been done, but is the PIC’s controversial asset capable of using the R4.3bn productively and profitably?

The state diamond miner with a penchant for coal  

Should the sustainability of a company trump the rights of a community?

SA delegation heads to Davos but the picture isn’t rosy

SA delegation will showcase the country’s investment opportunities.

Why Markus Jooste can still smile for the cameras

Any court resolution is light years away.

Big, powerful and ‘unprofitable’

Top 10% of foreign-owned firms in SA pay the least tax in the country.

Nugent loosens the final shackles

It is now time for dignity and decency to return to Sars.

GEPF: Long-term funding level dropping over time

The last remaining deep well surrounded by encroaching desert.

G20 Summit: United we stand?

Scandals, gaffes, and failure to resist protectionism.

An alarming escalation in illicit cigarette trade

An illegal brand becomes SA’s top seller, according to Ipsos report.

Brand SA adrift in an amorphous world

If the country’s ‘official marketing agency’ disappeared tomorrow, nobody would notice.

Public enterprises fails to rein in its errant state charges

Government will be investing R368bn in SOEs over the next three years.

Beware of product mispricing this ‘silly season’

Suppliers may not display goods for sale without displaying a price.

Is Denel battling to meet the going concern test?

Deep in the mire, facing severe cash constraints.

Did Gartner do a Double Irish on Sars?

Sars inquiry prises open Pandora’s Box.

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