After earning a B. Comm (Communications) degree, Adriaan spent 10 years working as a financial reporter. After spending 15 years as analyst at different stockbroking firms and a stint as lecturer in economics, he decided to feed his need of reading annual reports, business news and whatever financial articles he can find. He also admits to serving a term as ward councillor.

From bad to worse

South Africa’s municipalities spent R376bn last year, with bookkeeping related to 97% of it failing to get the clean-audit nod from the Auditor-General.

SA gets welcome increase in employment

Employment is up – but so is unemployment.

At the mercy of fuel prices rather than interest rates

High cost of petrol and diesel wipes out any benefit of an expected cut in the repo rate.

TymeBank clients take their time

Investor briefing shows that people are curious about the new bank, but careful about committing finances.

Dysfunctional municipality chokes Astral

Behind the company’s water woes.

Goodbye, SAA

News that Vuyani Jarana has resigned as CEO of SAA is an indication of the difficulties facing the national airline.

Naspers unveils process for Amsterdam listing

Shareholders should make time to read the few paragraphs about tax issues disclosed in the formal circular to shareholders.

How Walmart lost $1.5bn on Massmart

Massmart’s weak share price, together with an even weaker exchange rate, has tripped Walmart up in its African adventure.

Fuel prices mostly to blame for increase in cost of living

But there is some good news in the latest inflation report …

The rand isn’t SA’s ‘share price’ anymore

The days when the exchange rate could be seen as a barometer of the country’s economic prospects (other than when politicians do something really stupid) are over.

Richemont sets up virtual shop and scoops up the rewards

With brands dating back several centuries, the Swiss-based luxury goods company broke with tradition to open up stores in the huge online shopping space.

Gold mining is far from dead in SA

Fresh round of predictions that the sector is on its last legs, but the figures show otherwise.

Universal Partners performs, but for whom?

High management fees detract from the investment merits of a good idea.

When should the PIC help?

Liquidation of two small insurance companies reveals an intricate web of ownership and transactions.

Election results after more than 50% counted 

Early results indicate the ANC has lost some support while the DA has remained steady and the EFF has made gains.

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