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Tshwane losing R16m a day during botched PEU exit

23 September 2019  / Moneyweb
Transition from metering system that was ‘unaffordable’ at R4m a day is not going well.

How the Naspers unbundling affects your index-tracking fund

23 September 2019  / Patrick Cairns
Different funds will see very different impacts.

Indigenous cosmetic brands are taking off in SA

23 September 2019  / Melitta Ngalonkulu
Cost-conscious consumers are becoming more aware of their heritage.

An army of Japanese salarymen are rocking global currency markets

22 September 2019  / Chikafumi Hodo, Daisuke Sakai and Kazumi Miura, Bloomberg
Investors were mostly driven into the market by years of ultra-low interest rates.

Just five major companies offer a year's paid, equal parental leave

22 September 2019  / Sonia Elks, Thomson Reuters Foundation
'Many companies still view parenthood as complicating employment'.

Companies tighten climate goals as scientific outlook darkens

22 September 2019  / Eric Roston, Bloomberg
To date, more than 630 companies from 43 countries have signed the 2015 agreement.

South Africa’s informal sector creates jobs, but shouldn't be romanticised

21 September 2019  / Mike Rogan and Caroline Skinner
Working hours in the informal sector are long, and earnings often low.

The world's biggest offshore wind farm will be as cheap as coal

21 September 2019  / William Mathis, Bloomberg
The price of electricity from offshore wind farms is plunging.

Blue Label shares rally on trading update

20 September 2019  / Duncan McLeod
A rare respite for a share that has been pummelled in the past 18 months.

Gig economy isn’t solving eastern Europe’s brain drain problem

21 September 2019  / James M. Gomez and Gordana Filipovic, Bloomberg
Number of people leaving has been rising in the past two decades.

When companies improve their diversity, stock prices get a boost

21 September 2019  / Rebecca Greenfield, Bloomberg
Investors are on the hunt for gender-diverse companies.

Watch these stocks for signs of a Rugby World Cup boost

20 September 2019  / Shoko Oda and Toshiro Hasegawa, Bloomberg 
Companies in media, transport and the consumer sectors are hoping to cash in.

Home builders to face huge fines for substandard work

20 September 2019  / Moneyweb
New bill extends NHBRC mandate, protection for consumers.

SA is behind the curve on unit trust fees

20 September 2019  / Patrick Cairns
Other parts of the world are seeing costs fall more quickly.

Weed anyone?

20 September 2019  / Melitta Ngalonkulu‏
Entrepreneurs are ready for a booming cannabis industry but the legalities are still a hurdle.

What the unbundling of Naspers means for benchmarks and investors

20 September 2019  / Kyle Hulett
It's worth considering the impact on retirement funds and individuals. 

Tough times knock Caxton

20 September 2019  / Larry Claasen
Even the tight-fisted media group is struggling in this challenging economy.

Planning for when you cannot speak for yourself

17 September 2019  / Craig Torr
An advance healthcare directive can be a particularly valuable document for families.



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  This has to be the biggest poppycock ever, how is is possible with lower electrical costs, local labour, local supplies, that somebody can manufacture it and transport it...  


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