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Are you being paid what you’re worth?

How does your salary compare?

JOHANNESBURG -During a recessionary environment companies embark on cost-cutting measures, such as letting people go. With the lack of demand comes the lack of jobs. It’s during these times that most people negotiate lower packages with fewer trimmings, but with the release of Tuesday’s GDP figures showing that the economy grew by 3.2% in the fourth quarter of 2009 this could change. According to Talent Africa which acts as an executive search firm, this is what some of South Africa’s professional workers on average should be paid.

Naturally there are certain factors that will influence the packages and earning potential of individuals such as the size of the company; skill scarcity and employment equity amongst others. Are you being paid what you’re worth?

Chief Executive Officer:

  • Excludes share incentives; bonuses.
  • Pay may also be structured according to the company performance.

Top tier company (average) = R7m plus pa
Mid tier company (average) = R1.8m pa
Small tier company(average) = R700k pa   

Financial Managers and Company Registrars:

  • Depends on the designated role: financial director/chief financial officer/ financial manager.
  • Listed companies require these to be registered chartered accountants (CA) whilst unlisted companies may not have this requirement.

Financial Director:

Top tier company (average) =   R3.5m pa
Mid tier company (average) =   R1.8m pa
Small tier company (average) = R550k pa

Financial Managers: 

Top tier company (average) =   R1.5m pa
Mid tier company (average) =   R600k-R900k pa
Small tier company (average) = R360k pa

Company Secretary:

Top tier company (average) =   R1.6m pa
Mid tier company (average) =   R800k pa
Small tier company (average) = R400k pa

IT strategy and planning professionals:

  • Depends on the designated role: chief information technology officer/ IT managers/ planners and developers. 

Chief Information Technology Officer:

Top tier company (average) =   R1.8m pa
Mid tier company (average) =   R800k pa
Small tier company (average) = R660k pa

IT Manager:

Top tier company (average) =   R750k pa
Mid tier company (average) =   R600k pa
Small tier company (average) = R450k pa


  • Depends on the complexity and availability of scares skills.

Top End (average) = R1.2m pa
Bottom End (average) = R 300k pa

Legal profession (Judges; lawyers):

  • Candidates with LLB qualifications on the database.

Legal advisers:

  • Range: R360k pa – R680k pa

Group Legal Manager:

  • Range: R1.2m -R1.6m pa

Group Company Secretaries:

  • Averaged at R1.6m pa

All data supplied by: Talent Africa

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