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ATM attacks have banks stumped

FNB would invest 100 million rand to improve security ATM sites.

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Blowing up cash dispensers is becoming a favourite tactic of South African bank robbers, and the country’s embattled police as well as its banks are struggling to find a way to prevent it.

Banks report a dramatic rise in this type of crime over the past three years. In the past two weeks alone, five attacks on cash machines have been reported in the coastal city of Durban and police say they have made no arrests.

Yet the surge has industry executives puzzled, since the robbers only rarely succeed in stealing any money.

With the number of reported attacks on automatic teller machines (ATMs) continuing to rise, banks are trying to think of more efficient ways to combat the crime.

The country’s second largest bank, First National Bank (FNB), said on Tuesday it would invest 100 million rand to improve security at its automatic teller machine (ATM) sites, 22 of which have been blown up so far this year, compared with one in 2006.

FNB’s ATM chief executive Michael Arnold said the funds would be invested over three years and would be aimed at fighting a rapid increase in ATM bombings and ATM fraud that has cost the local banking industry millions of dollars.

“Enough is enough. … We’ve tested the route of surveillance and we assure perpetrators that we do have the technology, backing and skills not only to identify them but prosecute them successfully as well,” Arnold told a news conference.

Arnold said it costs FNB up to 300,000 rand to build a single ATM site. Officials at two other South African banks, Absa and Standard Bank, declined to give numbers for ATM attacks.

South Africa has among the world’s highest rates of violent crime, and figures issued last week showed a 118 percent increase in bank robberies in the past year, as well as a sharp increase in cash-in-transit heists.

ATM bombings, however, have raised particular concern.

According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) — which represents the country’s four biggest banks — South Africa has experienced a dramatic rise in ATM bombings in the past three years.

There have been 190 reported cases of ATMs being blown up for money so far this year, up from only five in 2004, 12 in 2005 and 54 in 2006.

“I don’t know really what is causing the increase. It’s difficult to say,” Arnold said.

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Are you crazy?

Do you think the police are there to carry out constabulary duties?

My word you are constantly reflecting your subliminally racist and Euro-centric views.

Even chimpanzee-in-chief Salebi has made definite statements that crime is not crime but politically motivated destabilising manoeuvres carried out by external forces ( he DID say specifically that when talking about the disappearance of megatonnes of copper cabling and Eskom power lines).

Get a couple of things straight in this Republic of New Paradigms there is no crime and the function of the Katzenjammer Kidz Kops is to park off at the side of the road and act as revenue collection agents for the banking of outstanding capital crimes like not stopping exactly on the line at a stop street.

Your assessment that the Boys in Blue should prosecute exploding- ATM pundits is so far fetched as to be ludicrous.

No arrests and the Police are obvioisly close to explosives trade…

“I don’t know really what is causing the increase. It’s difficult to say,” Arnold said.

Should be quite obvious – the loot!

When quietly passing the time of day with my fellow transformed, gender sensitive, non racist, empowered friends what better things are there to do after spending the first seven hours of the day in the shade of the Bluegums drinking beer than going off to liberate some loot by detonatiing an ATM or two?

It’s the African thing to do and let me tell you… it beats the daylights out of working for the civil service; I mean why should I waste my time going on strike and having to toy-toyi all day long in the burning sun?

This is actually an oporttunity to develope idiot proof ATM machines which we can then sell to the rest of the world………Just like PBMNR are idiot proof nuclear power stations, After all if it cannot be broken or stolen by a South African it cannot be broken or stolen at all!

Though in some way this comment seems justifiable, I find it to be prejudiced and unbalanced. Yes it is not right for one to wrong just because many others are, but the scars and or wounds caused on the previously disadvantaged individuals will take time to heal; believe me you this though gives me no comfort to favour or support those that are now abusing BEE for selfish gain.

To succeed and distribute wealth or at least advance the apportionment of wealth reasonably evenly, we must all learn to sacrifice.

Sacrifice can be defined in more ways than one viz, accepting that under the sun we are all equal regardless of race, colour, descent or creed and should therefore equally have a fair share of the pros and cons of the resources.

It gives no absolute right for those that were advantaged during the old years to now turn on knives and spot the mistakes they may have been masters of but to recognize that the current state of affairs is partly a product of their yesterday’s behaviour towards other citizens. And as opposed to such, be involved in the common efforts of every citizen to ensure that the equality envisaged by BEE is realised. It is a good thing to pinpoint misdoings but not to be involved or contribute to finding solutions to overcome these acts graven the situation.

I strongly blame those that are now overlooking the interests of the nation for their own personal gains regardless of there race, colour or creed or past distress.

In my understanding BEE is there to cause balance in distribution of wealth, resources and facilities, it is not there to abandon the interests of some in favour of others. It is indeed a worthy cause.

My only wish is that we all learn to bury the past behind us and work together to forego the injustices and misappropriations of the past for one common go and not start blaming BEE or abusing it for whatever reason.

To my fellow Africans, please be honest with yourselves for the sake of yourselves and others; be certain that the success you achieve is as a result of your sacrifices, hard work, the knowledge and education you’ve acquired and not bribery, corruption or who you know.

Before you get involved in any corrupt or unfair acts, think of those that will suffer as a consequence of your actions or indeed some white people that took the system for granted, abused it without securing their futures by acquisition of special skills or education and are now street beggars!


I applaud you.

Unfortunately, the people to whom the satire is addressed have neither the wit nor even the semblance of comprehension of how utterly pathetic they are.

Love the Katzenjammer Kids analogy.

While I salute your enjoinder for all to work together for the greater good, I have to disagree sharply with some of your opening remarks.

I’m very tired of the obsolete and blatantly incorrect phrase: “Legacy of the past….”

For blacks, the only legacy of the past is that they have, prematurely, acquired control over the Jewel of Africa, the richest, economically strongest country on the whole bleeding continent!

And some of them are now happily engaged in dissipating the wealth of this economy in an orgy of self-indulgent spending of the ill-gotten fruits of AA and BEE. The Teutonic car dealers have never had it so good.

Then theres the monstrous corruption, the like of which has never been seen before, and which permeates every level of government. There is a miasma of this enveloping this country in a way which is terrifying to ordinary, hardworking citizens.

Then there’s the issue of competence, or lack thereof!

We have the most incompetent govt in the history of humankind, save only the odious regime to our north. And we have committed the fatal error of now handing these same incompetents a major influence over the wealth-generating engine of SA, our businesses, via BEE. Yielding the wealth spending role is one thing, surrendering the wealth generation engine is something utterly different.

On reflection, it might have been better if Euro civilisation had stayed at home and not come here. Better for people of Euro descent that is. But infinitely worse for Africa.

Yep, “legacy of the past” means entirely different things to different people.

To victims of ANC brainwashing propaganda it means one, totally spurious, thing.

To victims of ANC incompetent, corrupt governance, in the real world, it has a different meaning.

Whilst agreeing fully with your comments I would dare to suggest that people like Kangwa (an A.A. Milne character to go with Tigger?) and another commentator in these columns X-man are perhaps just beginning to get a sense of delusionment with the current regime. It is of course, not possible nor practical to expect Damascene conversions of everyone so perhaps we should indulge Kangwa and Xman in their groping for a solution without yet fully understanding the need to express total revulsion at the utterly stone-age behaviour activities of their (former) paradigms of virtue.

What a no brainer, they are attacking atms because the F****** things do not shoot at them.

They also do not have too fill in withdrawal forms and provide fica and other C*** docs.

They post record profits every year, yet every time they have to spend money on services to clients that does not yield a return, they start bleating.

They lose hundreds of millions on executive approved facilities that implode, nothing ever happens, write it off and pay them a bonus. borrow R 5k and default and they will have your nuts.

So a few people put firecrackers under a safe.

That’s crime?

Not in my book

We have a well-entrenched tradition of Guy Fawkes celebrations in SA and if some people want to celebrate early and often surely that is their democratic and inalienable right?

I do wish you namby pambies would get a hold of yourselves and stop bleating like sacrificial goats.

You make me sick.

And, to borrow a phrase from a role model of mine (Mr Jimmy Kruger)– your complaints leave me cold

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