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Cosatu calls for nationalisation of mines

Cosatu supports calls by ANC youth league for the mines to be nationalised.

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa’s powerful trade union federation COSATU said on Friday it wants the government to consider nationalisation of mines in the world’s largest producer of platinum.

COSATU, which has nearly 2 million paid-up members in the country of around 47 million people, said in a statement it supports a call by the ruling African National Congress’ youth wing for the country’s mines to be nationalised.

It said its call would back up the nation’s Freedom Charter, and was in line with its own resolution declared in 2006, which called for “more equitable ownership, especially collective ownership through the state… of mining and other commanding heights of the economy as provided in the Freedom Charter”.

The charter calls for equal rights and equal share of wealth with the country’s white population.

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Unbelievable!! Look at what happened to the mines in the Congo then you will realize what such a policy does to the sustainability of the mining industry.

Where will the ANC find the expertise to run the mines? (ruin the mines?)

Cosatu – what a bunch of idiots. As if we do not pay enough bailing out SAA and SABC, they now want the tax payers to pay for mines as well

You want income from the mines to benefit your members and the larger community? Don’t nationalize, buy them out. As long as the top people in the Unions pretend to be ‘fighting for the rights of the workers’ and then go around the corner to negotiate themselves into lucrative BEE deals and leave the rest of the workers out, we know what they mean about ‘nationalize’ (Why was ‘I” left out). Don’t take my word for it, just look at what their complaint was about Vodacom (it is in the wrong BEE partners, but they had to say: ‘workers were not included in the negotiations”. Hogwash. I got an idea fellas, why don’t you guys use some of the membership fees to buy shares in these mines? Heard about the idea? Heard about investing? Look 2 mil members that is 2 million rand invesment at R1 each member. Then you have power. Otherwise, forget about it, it won’t happen.

The wakkers already have ownership, through their pension funds. Once again it’s the cunning COSATU, having already conned their own members into believe their interests are best served by a self-serving capitalist, communist organization.

If an organised collection of wakkers is a “Union”. Then surely an organised collection of unions would be an “Union Union”, and if this U.U. is sufficiently large, say, with 2m paid-up members surely it is an Uber Union Union, and… in stead of chanting Amandla! and Malibongwe! (heaven bid we should give praise to such a manifestation), we should then chant “Up the Uber Union Union” and market ourselves as 4U 🙂

the private sector is far more suitable to running companies than government. SAA, DENEL and TRANSNET just a few examples of poorly managed government entities.

Let them nationalise the mines.

We need more proof for the poor people who vote for these idiots to see and experience what a disaster socialism/communism is.

The morons really are stupid enough to do it. They’re not intelligent enough to recognise their limitations.

Since the mines commenced operation on the Rand they NEVER closed. Not during the Anglo Boer wars, not during either of the two world wars. Not even during the miners’ strike. of 19??

Aaaah I am wrong— they did close


When ESKOM phuqued things up two years ago.

If you want the mines to close permanently as from1 Jan 2015 all you have to do is nationalise them on 1 Jul 2014 and Africa will work its own negative miracles.

And once you allow the shafts to flood it will not be just a matter of getting Jonas and Ezekiel and Phineas each with a bucket and telling them to “fagalo empty lo pit”.

It is just a tad more difficult than that.

Seems they need some brains there.

Who will be the first idiots to complain that the petrol price is too high… the taxi industry, the food consumers, etc. Only idiots like the youth league could make statements like this.

Only brainless can think that taking something for nothing will be good for them.

Zimbabwe is a proof of this.

Brainless by any other name is……

I’m almost with Freemarketman on this one… people need a good shock sometimes as a learning tool. My only concern is the Mugabe approach to shifting responsibility which has proven so successful in Zim – just blame the Imperialists/whites/British/Americans etc… whomsoever is most convenient. If you say it often enough and with conviction it seems to be swallowed easily enough.

i cannot believe that anyone with a half a brain would even think let alone speak about this . Are they really that stupid . I had a friend from overseas read this and they shocked . First words were get out as sa will turn into a banana state . I love Africa but Africa is a pure victim of its own doing . Idiots

It seems that the new greedy bunch in SA is Cosatu. They are just 50 years behind the times.

Cosatu leadership seems to have no regard for development of business in SA which is providing the jobs to Cosatu’s members, therefore their strategy will ultimatly only benefit a few individuals at the top of Cosatu and really destroy the hopes of the poor to rise up above their environment.

Does Cosatu leadership believe their followers is that stupid ?

Unfortunately this strategy will render entrepreneurship something of the past. All Cosatu members as well as all people employed by Government who invested their pension funds through PIC in mining will see their pension funds becoming worthless.

South Africa needs better leaders than this.

its antiquated and shallow rallying calls that get passed as a proper economic plan are past their sell-by date

let’s all burn this provocative and mislead pamphlet!

down with the freedom charter!

Where does the risk capital come from once mines are nationalised? Do you think that if (a big IF) a dividend were to be produced by Govt run mines these dividend would be reinvested? Would any foreign capital find its way back to SA? I guess we would follow other examples where only the bottom feeders (Billy Rautenbach) etc would invest their ill gotten gains.

Its about time some NGO inform the workers about the decisions of Cosatu. In fact Cosatu should be tackling the Govt’s BEE policies which are stifling investment. Who in his right mind would want to invest in mining (read no more jobs) now that over and above the taxes (corporate tax, dividend tax, impending royalties) there are compulsory give aways in terms of new Mining Codes.

say what you like, but only a black organisation which is mandated to be a custodian of workers rights is capable of such incomprehensible lack of foresight and irresponsible rhetoric. i mean really, what possible good could come from such a stupid comment? Does it not just demonstrate the DNA of black mob behaviour of might is right? Does it not smack of anarchistic violence being the perpetual threat around the corner? It comes as no surprise that the ANC and Cosatu brothers cheered Mugabe’s arrival at the Zuma inauguration. There is such a lack of maturity and intelligence with these @ssholes it scares me deeply

This country will soon have a taxi driver as president




is it a slant or is it an observation? Is anything critical of Blacks racist? Spare us your armchair liberal obsequiousness – it won’t endear you to the ANC and their buddies. They just laugh at fools like you

Comrades,you are wrong to go for nationalization.When this arguement started the AIM WAS TO COMPETE WITH THE OWNERS OF MINES BY HELPING THE GOVERN.TO

MAKE MORE JOBS BY OPENNING ITS COMPETTING MINES….THEY GOT RIGHTS ALSO TO OPEN MINES.Shareholders:-1)Govern.pension fund 2) public 3) foreign funds 4) Local medical aids etc





After 27 years in jail and 15 years in power the ANC / Cosatu has still not found out which government policies makes countries successful. People who vote for them deserves their poverty.

“Is anything critical of Blacks racist? “

Actually, yes it is by definition. If you criticise blacks as a group, assigning them all the same faults, weaknesses, without recognition of the possibility of individuality, you are pre-judging ALL black people on no stronger basis than their race. That is racist.

This is not to say that COSATU (the leadership at least) are not greedy morons… it is just neither helpful, constructive, nor true to assert that the reason they are greedy morons is that they are black.

How to ruin mining in this country.

Show me any successful story of nationalising.

Jobs come from investment.

With overseas investment turned off …forget about saving jobs or creating new ones.

The concept is easy to sell to the poor and ignorant.

Look at Zim for what happens.

Don’t waste your time responding to Albie & M, these pr!cks obviously wear blinkers and consequently are unable to see beyond the Limpopo and accept the history of demise which took place there over a few decades. In all probability they think that the illegal immigrants are the offspring of of SA citizens holidaying accross SA’s nothern borders!!!!

Looks like Cosatu is running out of ideas! This seems to be like some kind of wish list.

Well, why don’t we nationalise the mines, nationalise all the casinos and nationalise all the bottle stores.

I think nationalising bottle stores will be great because then all the people can get some dop. Oh, but we need ‘chop en dop’. Dammit, looks like we will have to nationalise a few farms too.

Looks like Cosatu is running out of ideas! This seems to be like some kind of wish list.

Well, why don’t we nationalise the mines, nationalise all the casinos and nationalise all the bottle stores.

I think nationalising bottle stores will be great because then all the people can get some dop. Oh, but we need ‘chop en dop’. Dammit, looks like we will have to nationalise a few farms too.

Let’s see if Julius and Zuma’s trained monkey, Vavi, have the guts to back their statements – buy/take one mine of their choosing and run it for two years. If that mine is better off than the rest of the industry at that stage; then they will have proved their point. Of course, it is a safe bet against them. Only problem is, these gutless cowards know it and will never take such a challenge.

Nationalizing of RSA mines is not a way forward, but the solution to this, could be to partnership. The government and the private sector should control 50-50, which will certainly benefit the people of this country.

Recently thousands of people lost the jobs due to the recession, if the government was really involved, it would have not happened as it did.

50% Government and 50% Private!!!

End of comments.





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