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Defencex boss punts new money-making scheme

As court case drags on, members are invited to ‘reach their dreams’ with Kipi.

JOHANNESBURG – Net Income Solutions boss Chris Walker is referring members to a new money-making scheme. Net Income Solutions, more commonly known as Defencex, is a scheme that exploded to 200 000 members in 12 months with its promised returns of 2% a day. The Defencex bank account was frozen by the Western Cape High Court on February 28. At the time it was frozen, the account held approximately R320m.

But Walker is not one to let a court case get in the way of his purported mission to eradicate poverty. As the Defencex court case drags on, he is promoting a new scheme, called Kipi. Walker is advertising Kipi seminars across the country; the latest is to be held on May 14 at shop 408, Maponya Mall, Soweto.

On his Facebook page, Walker writes: “Our [court] case could drag on for a while, so for those of you who need to earn an income during this time you can join our financial social platform which assists its members to achieve their dreams and goals. Go to

Kipi is a scheme that invites members to register a ‘dream’ on its website. It creates the impression that members will receive cash to fund this dream. However, first a ‘donation’ with a minimum value of $50 is required.

Writes Walker: “For those of you that have created your dream and created an account at please make sure that you log in and pay your contribution towards your dream.”

Kipi has a commission structure that rewards members for introducing others to the scheme.

Walker says: “My mission is to find three streams of income that people can rely on.” He adds: “There is plenty of money in the world to go around and no one should be poor. Poverty is evil!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, neither Walker nor Defencex have provided members with details of the court case. On May 7 Walker wrote: “Nothing much to report about our case. On the 5th of June we will give you an update on proceedings.”

If Moneyweb had not reported on court affidavits, including Walker’s, their contents would most likely remain unknown to Defencex members. (The full list of Defencex articles and radio transcripts can be found here.)

Beware of imitations

The Defencex website informs members that there are a number of people “impersonating Chris on the internet”. The website advises members to ignore Facebook and Twitter pages with the names Chris Walker, EftForMe, DefenceX and Net Income Solutions. It says these are all imposters.

Defencex says Walker has just created his genuine Facebook page:

In Walker’s first profile picture (see below), added on May 7, he faces the camera, unshaven, arms folded, wearing a black long-sleeve top with the words “Close combat self defence” embroidered on the chest. The Defencex scheme used to be based on self-defence classes, which is how it got its name.

However, on May 9, Walker wrote: “My daughter said I should upload a more friendly looking picture of myself. I hope this one is better.” In the new picture, he is seated in front of a laptop, wearing a beige polo shirt (Main image).


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