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E-tag complainants take to HelloPeter

Citing missing invoices, poor service levels, and incorrect billing.

Numerous Gauteng road users have lodged complaints against Sanral’s e-tolling system on the popular consumer activist website HelloPeter.

The complaints against Sanral ranged from incorrect billing, missing invoices and being overcharged for driving on the Gauteng highways.

“I registered with Sanral last year, but did not buy the e-tag. I then bought the tag the day before inception of the toll roads. I placed the tag in my vehicle and guess what, they billed me double than they were supposed to,” said one user.

“I have been using the highways every day since the inception of e-tolls and have yet to receive my bill via registered mail… what gives?” another user asked on HelloPeter.

Many other users said that their e-tags did not work as expected, that the top-up system is slow to use and that Sanral’s support is poor.

“They communicated that the e-tag will be delivered to my house within 48 Hours. Several days later and no e-tag,” said one road user.

“We’ll log a complaint for you and take 3-5 days to respond to you. How do you take longer to respond to the complaint than you were originally supposed to take to deliver the item in the first place?”.

Another user said that he registered his cars, but that money has come off his account for a vehicle that is not his.

“They have thumb-sucked the number plate – the vehicle in question is a Daihatsu ours is a Safari,” the user said. “I have sent several e-mails and have had no response.”

Sanral is not a member of HelloPeter, and has therefore not responded to the complaints from users.

This article was first published on MyBroadband here.

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