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Gavin Varejes: CEO, Richmark

Jake White has taken a job as head coach of marketing at Richmark.

MONEYWEB: Gavin Varejes is with us. Gavin is the man who snared Jake White, so to speak. Gavin, he’s going to be the head coach of marketing at your company. How did you meet Jake?

GAVIN VAREJES: I met Jake many years ago. I think he was actually assisting with Nick Mallett at the time, and I had the pleasure of meeting Jake then.

MONEYWEB: You’re not a private-equity company, but a venture-capital group. What sorts of businesses are you investing in?

GAVIN VAREJES: Well, you know we have invested, well basically any company where a guy comes along, he has a business that we would like to be aligned to in the telecommunications space, but if not specifically in that space then we’re happy to look at the business in any event.

MONEYWEB: Now Gavin, you have had your fair share of controversy, but in terms of how Richmark Holdings works, what will Jake White be doing on a day-to-day basis?

GAVIN VAREJES: Well, you know we have a lot of companies in the group that are aligned to the telecommunications industry, and I think that Jake can add an enormous amount of value from a marketing perspective. You know, he’s got an incredible name in South Africa – not necessarily as a coach, but just as a human being. Jake is a great guy, and we really look forward to him adding lot of value to our group from a marketing and a sales perspective. I mean, if we look at some of our businesses – for example, we have companies that sell biometric devices, and we really are looking for an opportunity to pitch to a company that needs to step up their security, or for their time and attendance and staff control or something, it would be great to have Jake there to pitch for us, or with us.
MONEYWEB: Does this mean he’s lost to the coaching world completely?

GAVIN VAREJES: Certainly not. Jake I think is going to consult to the IRB. He has made mention of that. You know, I’m very involved with the South African Rugby Legends, and we work very closely with upliftment programmes for underprivileged people, and a lot of the ex-Springboks and first-class players are involved with that. We have a lot of clinics, and Jake will participate in those clinics with us.

MONEYWEB: Gavin Varejes is the CEO of Richmark Holdings. Well, at least we know he’s got a job now, Jake White. He did us proud in the World Cup.


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