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“I hate being called a liar” – Gerrie Nel

After Selebi’s lawyer says state refers to evidence they did not receive.

JOHANNESBURG – Bickering between the defence and State in the corruption case of former police head Jackie Selebi punctuated proceedings in the High Court in Johannesburg on Monday.

Defence lawyer Jaap Cilliers and prosecutor Gerrie Nel got into a dispute over whether certain annexures from an affidavit by State witness Glenn Agliotti had been handed over.

As the re-examination of Agliotti got underway, Cilliers said the State was referring to annexures it had not received.

Nel said he was upset at being called a “liar” and was adamant all evidence the defence had requested had been handed over.

Judge Meyer Joffe adjourned court for the two parties to sort out the issue.

During the adjournment, the exchange between counsel appeared heated with Cilliers gesturing with his hand towards Nel.

After the adjournment it was clear the dispute was not resolved, and Joffe said the two parties needed to sort out the issue.

“I don’t want to get involved with an unseeming fight between the defence and the State unless I have to.”

The counsel agreed re-examination of Agliotti would continue but would refer to issues not related to the disputed annexures.

The defence said it would check its evidence bundle and then bring up the issue later on if necessary.

As re-examination resumed, it appeared the order of the judge’s evidence bundle did not correlate with the State’s.

Court then adjourned to sort this out.

Earlier, the defence asked for an application to put on record various complaints against the prosecution.

“We have prepared a brief application for a special entry into the record,” Cilliers said.

“We have complained about the statement we received [from the prosecution very late]. We haven’t received certain statements.”

During last week’s application for his recusal, Joffe told the defence if they had a problem with the prosecutions’ alleged misconduct they should bring it up themselves, rather than expecting him to do so.

“If you felt hard done — and you may have felt hard done by a man with your experience, you would have said ‘we felt hard done by’.”

Joffe later dismissed the recusal bid, saying Selebi’s complaints of alleged bias against him were “unfounded”.

On Monday, Nel appeared taken back by the defence’s application.

“This is the first I have heard about this. I never expected this.”

Selebi is facing a charge of corruption and another of defeating the ends of justice in connection with at least R1.2 million he allegedly received from Agliotti and others in return for favours.



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ALl he is doing now is trying to build the appeal record so that selebi will never, in the next 10 years, have to go to jail or, for that matter be set free. Enough time for a political solution to be found and Selebi walk free courtesy of ZUMA or one of his senior people. Watch out Selebi may still become Minister of Police, just after Shaik. What a strange world we are living in Master Jack

No one has asked Zuma what was in those records the Seyshelles Authorities that gave him (Zuma ) the creeps?

what you think about the state’s approach here? I think Gerrie Nel should be fired for his incompetence, especially basing his entire case on a convicted criminal, who was so easily discredited by the defence. if Selebi walks, it because of Nel’s lack of expertise and no other reason. I wonder what his background is, or is he one of those Justice college products that was accepted in the old days?

Remember its a court of law , so Selebi is entitled to use the law the best way he sees fit.

Nel is very experienced and although the methods appear strange, i think it is all he has to work with.

It is called the Stalingrad approach, and the leading expert in South Africa is Kemp J Kemp who represented Zuma. Throw red herrings and challange anything until the justice system gets gatvol!

which country takes its police commissioner to court?this is one post that requires him to work or do “political businesses” with some criminals.all this information should be classified am sure …why we wash our dirty linen in public only god knows

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