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Manuel admits R1,2m BMW purchase was ill-advised

Minister concedes in parliament that he was guilty of an error of judgment.

PARLIAMENT (Sapa) – Planning Commission Minister in the Presidency Trevor Manuel on Wednesday conceded that buying a R1.2 million BMW for his official use was not well-advised.

Manuel was asked about the car by Democratic Alliance Chief Whip Ian Davidson during question time in the National Assembly.

The DA has, over the past few weeks, highlighted the high cost of cars bought by Cabinet ministers, has called for their return and the institution of new cost-saving measures.

“That the vehicle is expensive… I concede that it is an error of judgement,” Manuel told the House.

“I’ve run the numbers and the vehicle is now five months old. It has 6700km on the clock, and vehicles depreciate very, very, very quickly, and in the current circumstance, probably would not find a buyer and be written down a lot more quickly.”

So, continuing to argue that the vehicles already bought by ministers be returned did not make economic sense, he said.

“Here is a decision that was taken within the rules [in the ministerial handbook]. I’m saying in my case it wasn’t entirely well-advised, but a decision was taken, and [it’s] one of those decisions that you live with.

“Finally, I’d like to say to the honourable Davidson, that if he and his party work exceedingly hard, they will move from that side of the House to this side of the House and he might actually become the inheritor of this car.”

Thanking Manuel for his candid response, Davidson pointed out that Western Cape Premier Helen Zille was put into a “similar position”.

She and her MECs could have gone out, according to the rules that pertained, and bought luxury vehicles.

“But she laid down right at the outset exactly what had to be done and they are all using pool cars, old cars with high mileage,” Davidson said.

Responding, Manuel explained he had “walked into a place where there wasn’t an establishment” when he was appointed to head a new ministry.

“We needed to buy a vehicle, within the rules a vehicle was purchased.

“So, we’d all like to be more Catholic than the Pope, and we commend the honourable Zille on having attained that status, but let’s be real about this issue as well,” he said.

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Comments on this article are closed.

An error of judgement is when you leave a reverse swinging fast ball only to have your stumps knocked over.

An error of judgement is when you sneak over a turning traffic light only to block the vehicles comming from the left.

An error of judgement is having that “ABF” drink, only to sit with a hangover the next day.

Spending R 1.2 mil on a car is not a F#CKing “error of judgement”

Thanks Trevor! for buying a nice expensive BMW with my hard earned tax money. I thought that Sars was having a bad revenue year? Apparently not that bad seeing as all the ANC comrades are driving flashy new cars. Luckily the majority of people that voted them into power don’t pay much tax or any at all. It’s the educated middle class that pays the most part of their salaries and most of us voted for the DA. The poor and middle class gets poorer and the guv cadres get richer, nice!

I lost all respect for him through this “error of judgement”…and the way he did it “forgive me father for I have sinned”…what a pompous @SS!!

The man in charge of the new ministry tells
the woman in charge of the metro, the province and the party
that she could have a car like his, if she only worked harder..

The truth will always out

Theres no doubt

Trevor’s lost his clout

Unemployment was a rout

For a BM he did scout

sorry he did shout

but im great he did tout

in the end he’s just a lout! (of hot air!)

End of comments.





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