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MultiChoice ups DStv prices

See full list of changed/unchanged packages and services.

Following its annual price review, MultiChoice has released new subscription prices which will come into effect on April 1 2013.

MultiChoice says every customer will be notified of pricing via email or a postal letter.

The following packages or services will increase:

DStv package From To % change
DStv Premium Bouquet R 590.00 R 625.00 5.93
DStv Compact R 260.00 R 275.00 5.77
DStv Select 1 & 2 R 166.00 R 175.00 5.42
DStv EasyView R 20.00 R 29.00 45.00
Access Fee for Dual-View, PVR and/or XtraView R 65.00 R 70.00 7.69
M-Net (Analogue/ Terrestrial transmission) R 285.00 R 300.00 5.26
DStv Premium Bouquet minus M-Net R 263.20 R 278.80 5.93
MNDST R 326.80 R 346.20 5.94
DStv Indian (North + South) Bouquet R 466.20 R 493.90 5.94
DStv North + South Indian Bouquet Add-on R 300.30 R 318.10 5.93
DStv North Indian + Portuguesa R 530.30 R 561.80 5.94
DStv North Indian Add-On R 171.00 R 181.10 5.91
DStv North Indian Bouquet R 265.10 R 280.80 5.92
DStv Portuguesa Bouquet R 265.10 R 280.80 5.92
DStv South Indian Add-On R 129.30 R 137.00 5.96
DStv South Indian Bouquet R 201.10 R 213.00 5.92
ZEE TV R 123.80 R 131.10 5.90
EastNet R 36.10 R 38.20 5.82
Standard Repair Charges
DStv Standard Decoder R 342.00 R 365.00 6.73
DStv Dual View R 399.00 R 425.00 6.52
DStv PVR (SD & HD) R 479.00 R 510.00 6.47
M-Net Analogue/ Terrestrial Decoder R 433.00 R 460.00 6.24

The following packages and services will not increase:

DStv Lite R 99.00
DStv Mobile (Excl. discounted product*) R 49.00
Decoder Care Contracts
DCC Single View R 20.00
DCC Dual View R 25.00
DCC SD PVR R 35.00
DCC HD PVR R 35.00
DCC HD PVR 2P R 29.50
DCC IP HD-1 R 25.00
DCC Drifta R 5.00
DCC Walka R 20.00
DCC Walka 7 R 25.00

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