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SABC pays Mpofu R11m to walk away

Mpofu has agreed to withdraw all pending legal actions against the corporation.

(Sapa) The SABC’s interim board on Friday said an R11 million payout to its former group chief executive officer Dali Mpofu was an important step forward for the public broadcaster.

“As part of the agreement, the former GCEO has agreed to withdraw all pending legal actions against the corporation.

“The SABC will in turn pay Advocate Mpofu all moneys contractually due to him, as well as the legal costs he incurred,” the SABC Board said in a statement.

Interim board chairwoman Irene Charnley described the settlement as an important step forward in stabilising the corporation.

According to the statement, a restraint of trade agreement was part of the deal, to safeguard the SABC’s protectable interests for an agreed to period.

Mpofu would be paid R6,738,160, plus an additional R900,055 which was legally due to him.

“The legal costs resulting from the previous board’s decision to suspend Adv Mpofu (R2.1 million) to be paid to his attorneys. The restraint of trade payment agreed to is R4.4 million.”

The Board said the department of communications had agreed to compensate the SABC in full for the payment.

Mpofu took the SABC to court after he was suspended for suspending then head of news and current affairs Snuki Zikalala.

Mpofu accused Zikalala of leaking confidential documents to other media outlets.

But, the board then suspended Mpofu saying he had no authority to suspend Zikalala.

In June, the High Court in Johannesburg dismissed with costs the SABC’s appeal against reinstating Mpofu.


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Surely the SABC would welcome this guy as a competitor, given the job he did there?

Getting paid for being an idiot – What a country

This man is responsible for driving this corporation into the ground with no hope of ever repaying the debt without Govt bailout and walks away with R11m. What a shining example and role model for aspiring young South Africans.Where is the moral regeneration this country is crying out for? Where is the leadership to give hope?Poor actors,playwriters etc decent, honest people haven’t been paid for months Sad sad day for corporate governance, ethics, morals . Please pray for this country.Do we need prayers urgently.

Wow, all this payola from a company which has not ecxactly been praised for its financial probity.

seems like the aboriginals certainly know how to empty the pggy banks—- pity their accomplishments and capabilities do not run as far as actualy doing any work

Malema would be thrilled. An “African child” has set a shining example of what can be achieved. What an embarrassment.

normal hard way. However because it is taxpayers money it is easy to give away. That guy might have been hard done by the previous board but if he was worth anything and had any moral fibre he would not have burdened the tax payers with additional payments. The real scum he should have gone after was the previous chairman of the SABC who made it possible for him to sue for this obscene amount. Where is Zuma’s promise of heads rolling for corruption. This may not be corruption but it most certainly is completely inept management and chairmanship.

Can’t but agree with J – what’s the point of paying a restraint of trade? Given the position of the SABC one has to question why one would employ this joker who managed the SABC into its current position – or almost anyway. Certainly the course was set in his term.

accomplished businesswoman and paragon of BEE virtue. Paying Mpofu R4.4m as a restraint of trade – for what knowledge and industry specific expertise?! What a sick joke….and this is what we are paying tax for? So, exactly who is responsible for the colossal mess the SANC finds itself in, to the extent that it requires a R2bn cash injection from the treasury? I suppose Mpofu will soon emerge on the board of some listed company in an executive capacity, given his credentials and immaculate CV.

It is of course only a question of time until the cupboards will be stripped bare…in the meantime we buy luxury BMW’s and relish the good life. Oh, to be black and unaccountable……

Is this not a good reason to start boycotting them and not paying TV licenses?

Long live the SAUK. B***** the SABC.

Either the ANC apparatchiks dismissed Mpofu wrongly or they didn’t.

If Mpofu was correctly dismissed why are they paying him?
If Mpofu was wrongly dismissed, they should reinstate him and fire/discipline those who got it wrong.

R11 million is a lot of money for an entity that cannot pay its suppliers.

Another fat payout to a fat cat whose incompetence deserves to be rewarded with prison rather than a golden handshake… but such are the ways of the black fatties who run this country. REWARD INCOMPETENCE. Well done. Next fatty please…

…yes 53 953 is the number of people who paid their tv livences this year…just to give Mpofu a good farewell gift…

SABC is Disneyworld

Every one of us taxpayers has to pay this guy for sweet fanny adams. The restraint of trade agreement should have been part of his employment contract…


Do we really need an outfit such as the SABC bleeding the taxpayer? Broadcasters should be privately owned such as eTV and MNET/DSTV.

And South Africans can be spared the drivel and propaganda the SABC dishes up in the name of “entertainment” and “news”.

It too is broken like all the other institutions handed over in good working order to these clowns. It’s taken only 15 years to destroy.

Never will i pay my tv licence again.

From previous comment : Yes 53 953 paid their è-SABsee TV license just so someone could walk away with a R11m payoff. But u cee, the SABC needs R2bn cash injection. è I don’t c how the SABC weks. The English news announcers have developed a whole new speak language, the è-language, and we have to listen to it. The è-language means you don’t pronounce any “R’s” in any spoken word, so word becomes “wed”. And work becomes “wek”. The “International” version of the news means news from the è-Africa continent, stuff the European and American news. There is no longer any BBC or CNN. SA will always remain in the dark (sorry.. “dak”) with the rest of Africa unless they CLOSE the è-SABsee and START OVER. And forget the new digital SET-TOP boxes, no-one is going to pay their è-licence fees, like prepaid electricity meters, they will trash them and demand free tv anyway. è-Yes.

This is what happens when you have an endless supply of tax payers money that you have not earned yourself. Getting rid of incompetents with multimillion rand payouts has become endemic in the public sector. Had the SABC been a private enterprise it would have gone down the drain long ago because of the theft, corruption and mismanagement, and there would be no money left for handouts. The ANC is like a kid in a candy store with the taxes we pay them.

“Interim board chairwoman Irene Charnley described the settlement as an important step forward in stabilising the corporation.”

– has Charnley been taken for a ride? Surely she should know better as board member of some large entities First Rand; MTN;Johnnic; Metropolitan;

trustee EKSDOM Pension Fund; Ikagengeng Trust etc.

Surely the boards and trustees of the above companies would not allow their organisations to be taken for R12 million as the SABC has been.

Or has Charnley lost her touch?? And if so why is she representing the SABC in an interim capacity?

Near “theft” of taxpayers money. Riduculous

Its not a restraint of trade ONLY. Clearly that is worth very little. What SABC is paying for is the confidentiality clauses built into any restraint of trade agreement.

If I ever saw a country going to blazers, it would be this one I love(d) so dearly….if I ever under-performed in my life in my work -the door is ONLY and final option…No questions asked, and benefits would be frozen for months, pending final investigation -my job requires planning and focus at all times —— -restraint of trade aside, u tellin me an attorney knows that much about programming or television rights etc….? I doubt, but as many on here said, riding this gravy train is what counts and going from a socialist to a total bleeding capitalise -Him and his croneys fight on another day, whilst a recession looms……..U go figure and for peter’s sake: Paying a TV licence is a true and real joke….

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