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University tuition fees compared

UCT as much as 67% more pricey.

JOHANNESBURG – More than 600 000 public school students who wrote exams at the end of last year will today find out how they performed as the Department of Basic Education’s National Senior Certificate (NSC) results are released.

Those lucky enough to have achieved university exemption may now be considering advancing their education through enrolment in a tertiary institution.

But varsity doesn’t come cheap and Moneyweb had a look at the basic costs of tuition for the first year of study at some of SA’s biggest and most prestigious universities.

According to data published on the websites of the universities compared, the University of the Free State (UFS) is the cheapest place to study with the University of Cape Town positioned as the most expensive of those examined.

With UFS’s average prices ranging from between R18 780 for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree to around R23 690 for the notoriously pricey Bachelors of Science (BSci), the university is between 23% and 38% cheaper on average when compared to the combined averages of the other institutions. 

The University of Cape Town (UCT), on the other hand, is by far the most expensive place of tertiary education of the institutions compared.

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On average, students enrolling at UCT can expect to pay between 38% and 67% more for a year of study than the average of other universities examined, depending on the course chosen.

The higher cost at UCT is partly a result of the fact that the university publishes its fees as an “all-inclusive” cost while the others, except Stellenbosch, publish the fees excluding costs associated with application, registration, consumables, tests and workshops necessary for completion of the course.

Reading towards a BA at UCT will cost students (or their parents) in the region of R34 000; 46% higher than the average of all the institutions compares and 43% more than Stellenbosch’s all-in estimate of R23 657.

A BSci at UCT will cost around 39% more than the average of the other universities and 22% more than Stellenbosch’s estimated all-in cost of R30 804.

If a newly graduated matriculant considers studying away from home, they should be prepared for substantially higher tuition fees.

Last year, a single room at Stellenbosch was priced at R27 020 for men and R26 390 for women, with double rooms costing R22 200 and R21 740 respectively.

Meals are charged as an extra and come in at a minimum of R6 301 for two meals, five days a week or a maximum of R12 456 for three meals, seven days a week.

UCT charges a minimum of R26 000 for accommodation in a double room with prices climbing as high as R66 900 for accommodation in a three room flat at the JP Dumminy residence.

On average, students can expect to pay between R30 000 and R35 000 for accommodation in a single room in a residence.

Meals at UCT will set you back between R9 000 for breakfast and dinner and R17 300 for three meals, day seven days a week.

It should be noted that the prices calculated are an estimate based on figures published by the various universities.

The costs of tuition may vary significantly based on a range of factors, notably additional costs associated with course registration and application fees, as well as additional modules that may be required for completion of a course. The figures published here should be used as a rough guide only. 

*Average cost of tuition per year, over the course of the degree

**All inclusive cost (consumables, administrations fees etc)


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