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Water from air

Green water from air machines revolutionise water supply.

There is a new water source that is pure and does not draw from the precious water resources of South Africa – enough water to ensure safe drinking water for each and every South African and it is all around us – the air.

A group of South African businessmen based in Durban have changed the way we will get water forever. Spokesman for the group, Ray de Vries, is convinced that the answer to man’s water challenges has been found.

The water contains no chlorine or any other chemicals.

“I started a water business called Water From Air a few months ago. We have machines that suck in air and cool the water in the air down which drops into a UV bin. The water is filtered five times and then bottled. It went ballistic from day one and we struggled to keep up with demand as our capacity was about 200 litres per day” said de Vries.

According to de Vries, to produce normal bottled water it takes a few litres of water to make one litre of bottled water and that water is drawn from the country’s water resources.

“Our only concern was that we still used electricity to drive the machines. We built a wind turbine that drives a machine that delivers 1000 litres per 24 hours and when the tanks are full delivers electricity back to the national grid.

The first Dew Catcher was bought off plan and the group now have interest from all over South Africa, southern Africa and lately from as far afield as Libya.

The wind turbines are manufactured in Durban, the host of COP17 next week. “Not bad for a bunch of local Durbanites! We have a factory right here in Durban that produces the turbines and that has already created 32 new jobs. Our bottling plant is also in Durban, but will need to expand soon to increase our manufacturing capacity” he said.

The  website stats are monitored daily and interest from all over the world, especially Africa, is huge according to de Vries.

De Vries is better known as a sports promoter of big events including The Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon and the Durban Airshow and first got interested in the Water From Air concept at an event last year.

“Transporting drinkable water to an event is a huge undertaking, especially when the event is in rural areas. An average of 2.5 litres of water is required per participant per day. If you have 1000 entrants this means that we have to transport 2.5 tons of water per day which is no easy task. I read about Water From Air and started our Water From Air brand and the rest is history. We now have the capacity to make water at events”.

The turbine driven water plant is at the Durban Undersea Club next to Ushaka on the Point in Durban. Many delegates coming to Durban for COP17 have asked to visit the plant during their stay in South Africa.

“It is a magic feeling that we can help people all over the world, employ people and make a difference to our country, continent and the world. We plan to roll out a turnkey business to entrepreneurs in South Africa who can make a great business and spread our business all over South Africa. This is service delivery at it’s best” concluded de Vries.

* This report was prepared by Dew Catcher


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