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HNWIs’ money should be invested globally, directly

24 Jul 2014 /  Mike Abbott
Not being content with an SA fund invested abroad.

Why the benchmark shouldn’t matter

21 Jul 2014 /  Paul Cluer, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Foord Asset Manager
Professional fund managers may often be heard to say that they are “not benchmark cognisant”.

What we really should be doing for Brand SA

21 Jul 2014 /  Mandy de Waal
Will more marketing bumf really make investors perceive SA in a better light?

Anglo may struggle to make clean platinum break

21 Jul 2014 /  Kevin Allison, Reuters
The troubled operations account for about half its more than 40,000-strong labor force.

Listening is wanting to hear

21 Jul 2014 /  Theo Botha
Protech Khuthele a prime example of lack of oversight?

There’s a technical fix to ensure civilian airliners aren’t shot down

20 Jul 2014 /  Gregg Easterbrook, Reuters
Why is a modern software-driven weapon capable of striking a civilian jet?

Moneyweb Bites: tread with caution

17 Jul 2014 /  Marc Ashton
We look at Tradehold, Pinnacle and Argent.

Taking stock at half year

17 Jul 2014 /  Paolo Senatore
What lies ahead for SA.

Why your home is an asset

17 Jul 2014 /  Craig Gradidge
Craig Gradidge's rebuttal to Ann Wilson's view.

My week as a day-trader

16 Jul 2014 /  Sanlam’s iSayiTrade
Wannabe iTrader Pieter Kriel shares his story.

Where to now for fixed income investors?

16 Jul 2014 /  Paul Wiseman
Despite potentially measly returns and a riskier market, stay invested - Maitland.

Potential tools in a well-structured estate plan

16 Jul 2014 /  Anton Maskowitz
Offshore trusts and companies could be essential.

BRICS bank and its threat to end World Bank

15 Jul 2014 /  Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
The rebellion against Western-run pillars of the global financial system is more than just a political gesture: It is a threat and a bargaining tool.

Karl Marx was right – at least about one thing

15 Jul 2014 /  Anatole Kaletsky, Reuters
When investors get uniformly bullish, the pessimistic case deserves attention.

What will crooks do when crime doesn’t pay?

15 Jul 2014 /  Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Stealing cars is getting a lot harder and other forms of crime are also getting less lucrative.

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