After earning a B. Comm (Communications) degree, Adriaan spent 10 years working as a financial reporter. After spending 15 years as analyst at different stockbroking firms and a stint as lecturer in economics, he decided to feed his need of reading annual reports, business news and whatever financial articles he can find. He also admits to serving a term as ward councillor.

Omnia’s remarkable turnaround

8 Jul 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   4
Results leave one with the impression that things can improve further.

Consumer criminalisation could encourage a culture of tax avoidance

7 Jul 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   27
Government seems oblivious to the dangers of letting the genie out of the bottle with its continued sales ban on tobacco products.

Prosus growing steadily, says management

30 Jun 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   2
But operating losses continue to increase and operations are still burning cash.

Sasol getting back to work

19 Jun 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   10
Shareholder update alludes to big changes.

Troubling car instalments when finances bite

12 Jun 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   14
It's not a crisis yet, but an increasing number of people are struggling with their vehicle repayments.

Sasol’s amazing recovery

10 Jun 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   40
Why did we miss this opportunity?

No getting away with manipulating share prices

3 Jun 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   7
Brought to book nearly 12 years later.

SA’s plan to regulate cryptocurrency

29 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   8
Proposals aim to severely limit anonymous transactions in cyberspace.

Check your insurance policy

28 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   4
Ombud for short-term cover warns that paying your premium is not the only requirement.

Renewable electricity suppliers gaining ground

26 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   21
Generating capacity of independent producers is just about equal to that of an Eskom power station.

Time to swap equities for bonds?

22 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   29
Bonds quietly outperform the JSE over five years.

Time will tell for Ninety One

20 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   6
Good annual results, but it's the performance in this new, difficult year that will prove its worth.

Nature’s Garden refuses to pay water bill

15 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   6
Legal dance to avoid paying R4.4m, while applying for import duties to safeguard profits.

Sharp (partial) recovery in share prices

12 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   15
The quick jump shows panic selling would have been wrong, but that further recovery requires patience.

Long-term insurance complaints on the rise

7 May 2020 /  Adriaan Kruger   4
Ombud says funeral policy claims are most in dispute, while refusal of life insurance claims increase sharply.

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