Ann Crotty has been writing on business and corporate governance for decades and has seen little improvement in all that time.

Heated Trencor AGM leaves lots of unanswered questions

5 Jun 2020 /  Ann Crotty   8
Board has driven the company into a cul-de-sac, with the four-year delay in winding up the business destroying shareholder value - CIO.

JSE eases restrictions on issuing shares for cash

4 Jun 2020 /  Ann Crotty   6
Unclear what oversight measures there will be to ensure there's no abuse of the rule change.

JSE probes Capitec directors’ share trading

3 Jun 2020 /  Ann Crotty   13
The second time in three months that the bank cofounder's hedging strategy has made the news.

Financial sector executives are getting richer

2 Jun 2020 /  Ann Crotty   10
While investors and savers get poorer. A look at PSG, Coronation, Trencor and more.

Treasury to look into Jenitha John’s Irba appointment

1 Jun 2020 /  Ann Crotty   6
It shouldn't need to, but this is what it has come to.

Moyo loses out on multi-million rand payment

1 Jun 2020 /  Ann Crotty   15
Following legal battle with Old Mutual.

RCL minority shareholders say no to executive largesse

27 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   6
Leaving it to Remgro to bail them out.

Zooming in and zoning out on corporate SA

25 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   6
Among other things, the week that was brought about another previously unheard of accounting metric – ‘Ebitdar’.

Outa vs Irba

25 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   13
Mboweni urged to investigate ‘inappropriate’ appointment of executive ‘implicated in irregularities’ to head audit sector regulatory board.

The art in the Niveus ‘fair value’ battle

19 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   4
Proposed buyout of minority shareholders in subsidiary by HCI triggers dispute and raises new questions about the fate of one of SA’s most valuable art collections.

Heather Sonn’s resignation may have been ‘a way out’

19 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   21
Steinhoff's former chair was vital in overseeing efforts to unravel suspect dealings in the scandal-hit group.

Corporate chaos, except where it was most wanted

18 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   3
A disappointingly calm AGM amid the storm evidenced by a contractual tussle, a new ‘phrase’, a sales-ban-induced profit warning, and the JSE’s first direct Covid-19 casualty.

JSE ‘not in partnership’ with virtual AGM service provider TMS

15 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty  
But still wants to acquire the local arm of a company offering a similar service despite the CompCom ruling that move is anti-competitive.

Shuter’s MTN sign-on bonus cobbled by weak share price

13 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   4
Raft of board changes stir concerns.

Puzzling share price movements

11 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   10
Along with some answers for Anglo shareholders and the grim news that 130m litres of beer may 'need' to be destroyed.

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