Barbara is a CA(SA) with post graduate qualifications in tax and international tax. Her experience includes working for auditors, large corporates, and Sars. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests.

President Ramaphosa attends the Commonwealth gathering in London

18 Apr 2018 /  Barbara Curson   3
South Africa is still singing the same song that it sung at Davos.

Restoring the credibility of Sars

29 Mar 2018 /  Barbara Curson    12
Critical business units that were demolished during Moyane’s reign should be reinstated.

Drastic action is required to save Sars from the brink

16 Mar 2018 /  Barbara Curson   8
Errors cannot be treated as pesky mites and swept under the carpet.

Could blockchain technology prevent a future ‘Steinhoff’?

12 Mar 2018 /  Barbara Curson   8
How bad can Steinhoff’s record-keeping be?

Building a more sustainable Eskom

28 Feb 2018 /  Barbara Curson   3
A fundamental requirement for a business to be privatised, or to attract investors, is that it must be profitable.

The charade that could be the budget

15 Feb 2018 /  Barbara Curson   7
Is Gigaba the right person to open his arms in supplication saying: 'gimme'?

Will the lights stay on at Eskom?

12 Feb 2018 /  Barbara Curson   5
Financials indicate a frightening erosion of economic wealth and substance.

Punting for investment trumps cooperation in a fractured world

1 Feb 2018 /  Barbara Curson   1
SA must first get its own house in order.

Can the SADC resolve Zimbabwe’s crisis?

16 Nov 2017 /  Barbara Curson   7
The time-consuming diplomatic processes will not do much to put citizens and businesses at ease.

Lies, damned lies and statistics

8 Nov 2017 /  Barbara Curson   5
Must one get tied up in regression analysis to explain a drop in tax revenues?

The loss of skilled staff diminishes Sars’ brand

23 Oct 2017 /  Barbara Curson   10
For every step in the right direction, Sars manages to tumble down two.

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