Barbara is a CA(SA) with post graduate qualifications in tax and international tax. Her experience includes working for auditors, large corporates, and Sars. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests.

The country’s state-owned diamond company is on life support

17 Jan 2020 /  Barbara Curson   23
Alexkor's 2019 financials paint a bleak picture.

The sitting duck in the corruption fallout

10 Jan 2020 /  Barbara Curson   25
GEPF has questionable investments.

Prasa has shown itself to be the ultimate gravy train

7 Jan 2020 /  Barbara Curson   43
The Passenger Rail Agency's 2019 financials are shameful.

Is SAA trading under insolvent circumstances?

2 Dec 2019 /  Barbara Curson    23
Default clauses may be triggered in contracts and agreements.

Is the National Empowerment Fund living up to its name?

20 Nov 2019 /  Barbara Curson   8
Has it successfully delivered into the hands of many?

Does the SABC need 12 directors?

8 Nov 2019 /  Barbara Curson   15
SABC's irregular expenditure reaches R5.2bn.

Development Bank reliant on raising new debt to fund liabilities

7 Nov 2019 /  Barbara Curson   4
Would you invest in this entity?

Warming up for a taxpayer shakedown

1 Nov 2019 /  Barbara Curson   53
When government wants to take more, it mentions the poor – but does not admit any responsibility for poverty or suffering.

Central Energy Fund is profitable, liquid and solvent

30 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson   2
Court application lodged to set aside disposal of the strategic crude oil stock.

Armscor board not exercising sufficient oversight

30 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson   7
Employee-related costs are almost double revenue.

The Road Accident Fund is hopelessly insolvent

24 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson   46
'There is a material uncertainty relating to whether the RAF is a going concern' – AG.

Icasa presents a hackneyed solution to a problem it hasn’t identified

21 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson    6
Creating regulations out of vague and indeterminate descriptions.

PIC fails to provide an exemplary service to government pensioners

21 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson   7
Then pays a dividend of R80m to government – off the back of income on assets surely owned primarily by the state employee pension pot?

Zuma again draws on his constitutional rights to avoid justice

16 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson   19
ANC cadres were in court on Tuesday to support Zuma against the state. Awkward.

Sars – Please protect me from yourself

14 Oct 2019 /  Barbara Curson   17
The revenue service has tricky bridges to cross in its long, arduous journey to recovery.

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