Barbara is a CA(SA) with post graduate qualifications in tax and international tax. Her experience includes working for auditors, large corporates, and Sars. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests.

Harvesting low-hanging fruit will not lift Sars out of the doldrums

8 Apr 2019 /  Barbara Curson   15
Internal cracks were developing before Moyane.

Iqbal Survé’s R50bn grand plan for Ayo

4 Apr 2019 /  Barbara Curson   17
Share price 'should reach R100 within three years', he tells PIC Commission of Inquiry.

Why hasn’t Coega published its annual report?

29 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   3
The hapless AG seems to be taking the brunt of the blame.

Independent power producers catch a break

28 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   2
Rights highlighted in court action intended to hinder them.

Necsa and Auditor-General poles apart on 2018 financial report

22 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   4
Lack of audit evidence cause for alarm.

What does Ayo have to hide?

14 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   12
Companies are required to be transparent and accountable.

GEPF is a cash cow no longer

11 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   7
Actuarial valuation indicates a downward trend.

The CIPC opens with an aggressive gambit

7 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   3
Novel approach, but is the CIPC backed by the Companies Act?

Steinhoff news trickles out in dribs and drabs

4 Mar 2019 /  Barbara Curson   2
Debt levels, liquidity status and ongoing litigation remain priorities.

Prasa’s financial management out of control

25 Feb 2019 /  Barbara Curson   12
Consequence management? None actually …

Illicit tobacco trade: Cheap manufacturer fights back

15 Feb 2019 /  Barbara Curson   16
Defamation suit simply a 'ruse to deflect from the real crisis' - #TakeBackTheTax.

Can Ayo deliver, that is the question

15 Feb 2019 /  Barbara Curson   15
The deal has been done, but is the PIC’s controversial asset capable of using the R4.3bn productively and profitably?

The state diamond miner with a penchant for coal  

1 Feb 2019 /  Barbara Curson  
Should the sustainability of a company trump the rights of a community?

SA delegation heads to Davos but the picture isn’t rosy

21 Jan 2019 /  Barbara Curson   8
SA delegation will showcase the country's investment opportunities.

Why Markus Jooste can still smile for the cameras

7 Jan 2019 /  Barbara Curson   24
Any court resolution is light years away.

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