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Barbara is a CA(SA) with post graduate qualifications in tax and international tax. Her experience includes working for auditors, large corporates, and Sars. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests.

The use, abuse and vulnerability of company tax losses

10 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   4
There’s a fine line between raising revenue and disincentivising investment.

A social contract in need of repair

9 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   26
South Africa needs an accountable democracy and ongoing engagement around tax.

Dealing with Sars: Corporate SA’s experiences

7 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   2
Is Sars raising additional assessments as a 'fishing expedition'?

Sars, have you taxed that Aston Martin?

7 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   48
The revenue service seems oblivious of the work the tax-paying public wants it to be doing.

South Africa’s tax policies viewed through the prism of Covid-19

4 Sep 2020 /  Barbara Curson   6
Is the country keeping abreast of reforms as it grapples with the economic fallout of the pandemic?

Asbestos kingpin insists there was ‘value for money’

31 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   8
While steadfastly failing to say whether he ever asked for a report to confirm this.

The Zondo Commission, the dealmaker, and the botched evidence

28 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   9
More proof of convoluted, dodgy dealings.

Zuma, the Guptas and ANN7

28 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   11
Gupta TV news man testifies that he attended three meetings at Zuma’s official residence, including to discuss 'editorial policy'.

JSE hammers Ayo’s 2018, 2019 financial reporting

28 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   7
Says previously published financial information was incorrect, false and misleading.

Anoj Singh stripped of Saica membership

22 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   26
Former Eskom and Transnet CFO found guilty of improper conduct; gross negligence, among other charges.

Asbestos project highlights the murkiness around government tenders

20 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   12
Tenderpreneur sticks to his guns before the Zondo Commission.

Nepi Rockcastle sees 32% decline in interim distributable earnings

18 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson  
Providing insights into the pandemic's impact on the Eastern European property market.

Sars, you, and those auto-assessments

13 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   20
It starts with 'auto-submission' – Sars filing your return for you – and is only a provisional assessment that you are free to disagree with.

Free State asbestos project engulfed in corruption and greed

5 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   24
The state has failed in its duty to provide adequate, safe housing.

Sars is seeking to criminalise mistakes

4 Aug 2020 /  Barbara Curson   54
Doesn't believe taxpayers can make honest errors.

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