Barbara is a CA(SA) with post graduate qualifications in tax and international tax. Her experience includes working for auditors, large corporates, and Sars. Economics, financial corruption and tax policy are among her interests.

Big, powerful and ‘unprofitable’

21 Dec 2018 /  Barbara Curson   15
Top 10% of foreign-owned firms in SA pay the least tax in the country.

Nugent loosens the final shackles

18 Dec 2018 /  Barbara Curson   6
It is now time for dignity and decency to return to Sars.

GEPF: Long-term funding level dropping over time

10 Dec 2018 /  Barbara Curson   13
The last remaining deep well surrounded by encroaching desert.

G20 Summit: United we stand?

4 Dec 2018 /  Barbara Curson   1
Scandals, gaffes, and failure to resist protectionism.

An alarming escalation in illicit cigarette trade

28 Nov 2018 /  Barbara Curson   25
An illegal brand becomes SA’s top seller, according to Ipsos report.

Brand SA adrift in an amorphous world

26 Nov 2018 /  Barbara Curson   12
If the country's 'official marketing agency' disappeared tomorrow, nobody would notice.

Public enterprises fails to rein in its errant state charges

21 Nov 2018 /  Barbara Curson   19
Government will be investing R368bn in SOEs over the next three years.

Beware of product mispricing this ‘silly season’

19 Nov 2018 /  Barbara Curson   6
Suppliers may not display goods for sale without displaying a price.

Is Denel battling to meet the going concern test?

2 Nov 2018 /  Barbara Curson   6
Deep in the mire, facing severe cash constraints.

Did Gartner do a Double Irish on Sars?

24 Oct 2018 /  Barbara Curson   10
Sars inquiry prises open Pandora’s Box.

Designing a new Sars

22 Oct 2018 /  Barbara Curson   12
Disbanded units to be re-established.

Sars presents its annual report to Parliament

18 Oct 2018 /  Barbara Curson   14
'We're going in the right direction, but we are facing choppy seas.'

The SABC’s break-up value is greater than its future

15 Oct 2018 /  Barbara Curson   21
Government should ruthlessly focus on more crucial projects.

Au revoir Nene, and thank you

10 Oct 2018 /  Barbara Curson   7
Will the more corrupt please start handing in resignations.

The PIC and the myth of its unlimited resources

9 Oct 2018 /  Barbara Curson   6
The government guarantee may yet turn into an oxymoron.

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