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Boitumelo Ntsoko has worked as a sub-editor for Sowetan, The Times and the Sunday Times. She's currently the editor of The Citizen newspaper's business section, CitiBusiness (which Moneyweb manages) and facilitates Moneyweb's Click-An-Advisor. She is passionate about personal finance and believes that staying calm in the storm can help you find solutions.

Offshore investing: The how, why, and what

16 Jul 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko  
Elke Brink, wealth advisor at PSG Wealth, on why offshore investing is recommended, the sectors seeing great interest, and the avenues you can use to gain access to overseas markets.

From R100 to R10m: Investment options you can explore

2 Jul 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko  
Plan your investments according to your budget and your age group: Trent Hodges from Gray Capital.  

Retrenched? Finance tips to help you survive

18 Jun 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko   1
Eric Jordaan, CFP at Crue Invest, discusses the options available to you when faced with retrenchment, including how to handle your retirement funds, reprioritising your budget, and when credit protection plans come into play.

Deal assists and balloon payments: What you need to know

4 Jun 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko   1
Gareth Collier, certified financial planner at Crue Invest, sheds light on car financing, deal assists and deferred payments for those in the market for a new set of wheels.

Demystifying investment jargon: The terms you need to know

21 May 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko  
The financial planning and investment world is filled with technical jargon that can often hinder first-time investors. Craig Turton, certified financial planner at Easy Equities, explains some of these terms.

Borrowing from your retirement fund: What you need to know

7 May 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko   4
The current economic climate has led some people to consider dipping into their retirement funds to access capital. But what exactly can you use these funds for, and what percentage of your savings can you access? Devon Card, a certified financial planner at Crue Invest, provides clarity on this.

Hiring a financial advisor? Here are the questions you need to ask

23 Apr 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko   2
Having a financial advisor by your side to help manage your financial path is highly recommended. Thulisile Nkomo of NFB Private Wealth Management discusses the value these professionals add and more.

Want to start investing? Here’s what to consider

9 Apr 2021 /  Boitumelo Ntsoko    5
Venturing into investments can be intimidating. Elke Brink of PSG Wealth discusses what to consider, outlines various investment vehicles, and shares some advice on how to build a share portfolio.

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