Ciaran Ryan is a Johannesburg-based freelance writer who has a background in finance and mining, having previously headed up a gold mining operation in Ghana. He currently writes for several SA and overseas journals on matters ranging from mining to investment.

It’s good to be a miner again

Commodity prices are surging.

Coal will be around for a long time yet

At least 100 years, provided mines clean up their act.

Finance dominates SA economy, and that’s a problem

Counting this as wealth creation is misleading.

Congratulations, your mortgage arrears have been extinguished

It happened with last week’s interest rate change. SA’s banks disagree – but so did the Bank of Scotland before a court ruled against it. Logically, SA’s legal system should do the same.

Tourism could reboot SA in no time at all; it’s time it was allowed to

It would take some minor changes, such as easier visa access.

Nuclear company burns through six CEOs and two chairmen in seven months

One CEO lasted a day, another a week.

Coal and nuclear back on the energy grid

Gwede Mantashe stamps his mark on the energy portfolio.

How the accountants mangled capitalism

SA is not alone – it’s a global phenomenon.

Nuclear chair resigns as governance crisis boils on

Necsa chairman Rob Adam, who served jail time for anti-apartheid activities in the 1980s, falls on his sword.

New Zim dollar triggers horror memories of hyper-inflation

It comes with a hike in short-term interest rates to 50% to curb inflation of 100%.

Anglo’s seen the future of mining, and it looks a lot like farming

The sector has to clean up its act while still making a profit – and it’s a race the group intends to win.

The cost of SA’s illegal gold trade

More than 34 tonnes smuggled into Dubai in four years.

Gugulethu entrepreneurs claim Nedbank stole their patented card blocking system

With shades of Kenneth Makate’s ‘Please call me’ case against Vodacom.

Sack the Necsa board before it wrecks the company – union

A once model state-owned company is being ruined by design, say union members.

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