Ciaran Ryan is a Johannesburg-based freelance writer who has a background in finance and mining, having previously headed up a gold mining operation in Ghana. He currently writes for several SA and overseas journals on matters ranging from mining to investment.

Afrimat continues its wild ride

With a 57% rise in operating profit at the halfway stage.

How does your money connect you to a life well-lived?

True wealth is about much more than physical money.

A decade of budgetary whoppers

Is Tito trying to break the tradition of ministerial delusion?

Redefining what it is to be wealthy

It’s what you do with it, not how much you have, that counts.

KZN’s amazing agricultural recovery; poor rains delay plantings elsewhere

No need for panic yet, say farming experts.

The gold bulls are back

Predicting dizzying prices in 2020 and beyond.

Soweto residents to take Eskom to court

To prevent township from 'sliding further into lawlessness' over electricity disconnections.

Nuclear energy company’s not-so-secret plan to beat the courts

With two court rulings against Necsa, why are board members hanging on?

Eskom treads carefully with renewables

And plans to revert to long-term coal supply contracts to keep energy prices under control.

Zimbabwe lunges towards economic despair

Inflation is running at 1 000% after reserve bank floods the country with money.

Debunking myths about private equity

It’s not just for the uber-rich.

The tangled web of drafting offshore wills

Added layers of complexity in dealing with multiple jurisdictions has coincided with South Africans increasingly externalising some of their assets.

Reasons for entrepreneurs to consider setting up an offshore business

Access to opportunities rather than tax efficiency is the guiding principle.

Mark Cutifani’s vision to reboot SA mining

New technologies will postpone its date with the undertaker.

EOH subsidiary accused of sabotage and racketeering

Raising questions about the group's much-publicised campaign to clean house.

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