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After a year of insurance underwriting, Jerry Schuitema joined the SABC as a reporter in 1966, concentrating on economic affairs. He went on to became the SABC's first economics editor. In March 1990, he established South Africa's first Specialist Developmental Communications consultancy.

Lockdown, and the central logic that knows no boundary

8 May 2020 /  Jerry Schuitema   17
We may have police and soldiers enforcing the rules, and tens of thousands new ‘criminals’ on record, but we also have a clear indication of positive evolution.

Hearing my father

14 Apr 2020 /  Jerry Schuitema   20
He was part of a generation that endured four devastations.

The reality virus bites deep

10 Mar 2020 /  Jerry Schuitema   9
Is the coronavirus the trigger that will burst the big financial bubbles?

Disruptive distrust

12 Feb 2020 /  Jerry Schuitema   2
Three critical inferences from the latest global trust barometer.

Bracing for a big-bubbles burst

17 Jan 2020 /  Jerry Schuitema   19
Key takeouts as we move from one defining decade to the next.

The party pooper

27 Dec 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema    15
Have the fiscal warriors thrown down the gauntlet to unhappy workers?

Drowning in debt and much more to come

29 Nov 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   16
Passing the buck to future generations.

Changing the economic narrative

8 Nov 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   15
Putting events and indicators into fuller context.

‘In gold we trust’: 2019 Report

14 Oct 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   30
Should it be restored as the core of money?

Losing our marbles

6 Sep 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   28
How much can we still trust prices and statistics?

An unemployment reality check

12 Aug 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   18
The impact of behaviour on the unemployment crisis.

Name, shame and jail

12 Jul 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema    10
It is time to hold the individuals behind corporate and financial malfeasance to account.

Weather the financial storm – or avoid it?

14 Jun 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   4
The power of changing some of our economic assumptions.

Messing with money

3 May 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema    16
‘The greatest monetary experiment in history’ is underway. Where is it taking us?

Inclusivity: The possible dream

8 Mar 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema    4
The biggest breakthrough for South Africa can come from labour.

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