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Larry Claasen is a veteran (read old) financial journalist. He has worked at Business Day, Financial Mail, written for Finweek and for a time edited ITWeb Brainstorm. He has also been fortunate enough to win a few journalism awards. He has a twin brother.

‘Mixed picture with some positive signs’

31 Oct 2019 /  Larry Claasen   7
South Africans looking for some respite will have to wait a while.

Judge delivers scathing judgment against Prasa

11 Oct 2019 /  Larry Claasen   8
The behaviour of its legal representatives was also criticised.

SA rises up in competitiveness rankings

9 Oct 2019 /  Larry Claasen   2
'Recent political landscape shift' is behind the shift.

Trevor Manuel’s monument of truth

23 Sep 2019 /  Larry Claasen   18
It's time for the former minister and quantity surveyor to chart a new path.

Tough times knock Caxton

20 Sep 2019 /  Larry Claasen   2
Even the tight-fisted media group is struggling in this challenging economy.

Sustainable investing is becoming the new normal

12 Sep 2019 /  Larry Claasen   3
Corporate SA is ahead of the curve when it comes to impact investments.

Long road ahead for SA retailers

2 Sep 2019 /  Larry Claasen   14
Woolworths expects SA and the Australian economy to remain tough.

Board versus CEO in the battle for Choppies

2 Sep 2019 /  Larry Claasen   1
Parties to fight for control of the retailer on Wednesday.

Micro marketing: Retail’s new fad

22 Aug 2019 /  Larry Claasen  
How loyalty programmes are being used to design discounts just for you.

‘Better half’ could only do so much for Shoprite

21 Aug 2019 /  Larry Claasen  
A turnaround in SA couldn't offset its cross-border problems.

Choppies in chaos

19 Aug 2019 /  Larry Claasen   7
Two investigations find serious governance contraventions at the retailer.

Car rental body wants to hear complaints

8 Aug 2019 /  Larry Claasen   10
It should consider creating an ombud.

Regulators walk the ‘mobile money’ line

5 Aug 2019 /  Larry Claasen  
Banking-by-phone is on the rise, and so are the risks of anti-competitive behaviour and money laundering.

Car renter, beware!

2 Aug 2019 /  Larry Claasen   21
Consumers should think long and hard before hiring a vehicle.

MTN. No ‘dumb’ pipe

22 Jul 2019 /  Larry Claasen  
The move into fintech could eventually see the mobile operator become a major player in financial services.

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