Neesa Moodley has been a financial journalist for more than 15 years, of which the majority has been spent writing about personal finance issues. She is deeply passionate about empowering people to manage their money so that they maximise the opportunities available to them.

Diagnostics proving to be Life Healthcare’s breath of fresh air

22 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley  
Massive investment in this area in 2017 was a good move.

Use financial savvy to improve your financial health

21 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   2
A change in attitude remains the key driver of financial savviness, index shows.

Netcare: SA is taking strain

19 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   2
Sees strong demand for mental health care.

Your 5-point plan on being retrenched

18 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   14
Being 'let go' will become a reality for thousands in the coming year. Here's what to do if it happens to you.

Mediclinic has a clean bill of health after Swiss regulatory hiccups

15 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley  
Now poised for growth.

West Coast region hard-hit by Saldanha Steel closure

12 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   17
Close to 1 000 jobs to be lost.

The impact of physical activity on GDP

8 Nov 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   3
The fitter the population, the more robust the economy – global study.

Mediclinic interims set to confirm healthy growth

17 Oct 2019 /  Neesa Moodley  
Across all divisions, with Swiss operations achieving a significant increase in revenue.

FNB offers entrepreneurs free business banking, learning hub

16 Oct 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   1
With the SME sector touted as a prime forum for job creation and economic growth, banks are starting to tune in to the opportunities it offers.

Banks need to start from scratch to get digitisation right

8 Oct 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   8
South African banks are moving forward in terms of digital banking and digitisation but they still have a way to go.

Evolution of wealth management with increasing use of fintech touchpoints

10 Sep 2019 /  Neesa Moodley  
Fintech and human expertise knit together as a hybrid model for wealth management.

NHI benefits and implementation remain undiagnosed

27 Aug 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   20
Many questions still up in the air.

Second beer business opens up to crowdfunding

8 Aug 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   8
As regulatory oversight of the investment trend starts coming into focus.

Private equity makes progress on gender equity

2 Aug 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   3
Stats show that South Africa is ahead of its global peers. 

Property stokvels – a good idea or not?

22 Jul 2019 /  Neesa Moodley   4
Interest in the concept is on the rise but the chances of being suckered into a scam are high.

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