Nompumelelo Siziba is a business news and television anchor and reporter, with a track record spanning over 17 years. In recent years she's developed as a markets anchor, looking at global and local markets with the assistance of experts in the field.

Former sustainability consultant finds her passion as a chocolatier

1 Jul 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
‘It's not enough to be amazing at what you do and be passionate about it; you need to know when to call for help’: Chocoloza founder Vicki Bain.

2021 tax-filing season opens

1 Jul 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
To avoid the risk of Covid infection, ‘we felt we would protect our own staff [and] … taxpayers by closing our branches’: Sars commissioner Edward Kieswetter.

Nompu’s goodbye, farewell tribute

1 Jul 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
SAfm Market Update host gets a farewell tribute from the Moneyweb team and regular guests of the show.

Saica conference aims to explore new mindset when dealing with businesses

1 Jul 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Milton Segal – Senior executive: Corporate Reporting, Saica

The choice paradox – choosing optimal investments

1 Jul 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
John Anderson – Executive: Investments, Products and Enablement, Alexander Forbes

Why we need to support female-owned businesses

1 Jul 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Kgalaletso Tlhoaele – Head: Enterprise Development Sector, Absa & Mapholo Magapatona-Ratau – Founder, Ledikana Creations

Access Bank launches SA offering

30 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Bennie van Rooy – CEO, Access Bank SA

Global markets subdued at half years end; US results may serve as catalyst

30 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
David Shapiro – Chief global equity strategist, Sasfin Securities

Younger consumers upping their credit balances more than older peers – report

30 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
At a household level, could SA be moving towards a debt crisis? TransUnion director of research and consulting Carmen Williams gives the facts.

Zuma’s judgment and its impact on business confidence

29 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
‘In the broad framework of institutional renewal, today is a further crystallisation of that theme’: Goolam Ballim – chief economist, Standard Bank Group.

Online property auctions: How to avoid being outbid

29 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Gerhard Kotzé – Managing director, RealNet

Could cannabis be the new opioid in pain management?

29 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Dr Shiksha Gallow – Medical Director, Biodata

67% of car owners had never heard of the Right to Repair guidelines – Survey

29 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Faisal Mkhize – Managing executive: Vehicle and Asset Finance, Absa

Market Watcher: Zuma constitutional court sentence a boost for investor confidence

29 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
Nesan Nair – Portfolio manager, Sasfin Securities

SA’s move back to lockdown Level 4 from a business perspective

28 Jun 2021 /  Nompu Siziba
'We believe the president took the right decision' – Martin Kingston, Business Unity South Africa.

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