Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa's most respected commentators on the investment industry. He also covers economics issues and business news.

How the Naspers unbundling affects your index-tracking fund

Different funds will see very different impacts.

SA is behind the curve on unit trust fees

Other parts of the world are seeing costs fall more quickly.

ZAR X to launch innovative unit trust platform

The offering will charge no ongoing fees.

Changing the face of asset management

Black-owned firms need to find ways to stand out.

Don’t trust anyone who is certain about the future

It’s a mistake we all make, but it’s still a mistake.

You can’t ignore $11 trillion

Investors should be aware of the world changing around them.

Money is moving toward smart beta

The popularity of factor investing is growing, but is it a long-term story?

The big question for financial advisors: ‘Are you worth it?’

How will you deliver the value your clients are paying for?

Old Mutual to shut its two resource sector unit trusts

It will simplify its offering, but not all investors are pleased.

Too little, too late

South Africans are failing themselves when it comes to retirement planning.

Stanlib faces complaints over Africa Property Fund losses

Fund of funds managers ask regulator to investigate.

This is how much SA unit trusts have struggled

Few have managed to beat an inflation plus 3% target.

Pessimists don’t make money

South Africa is still a land of possibilities.

This retirement threat is also one of the hardest to manage

Poor returns at the wrong time can upset your plans.

Treasury has laid down the challenge

How will South Africa respond?

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