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What keeps medical-aid clients awake at night?

Medical aid options, self-funding, pitfalls and gap cover – Fred Hurter – Chrismar Healthcare Consultants.

Looking at the importance of employee wellness

Ultimately the employer gets the dividend – Chris Luyt – executive head of marketing, Bestmed.

Werknemers se welstand in die werkplek

Daar’s ook ’n verstaan dat gesondheidsorg die doel van die oefening is om die lid so vinnig moontlik weer produktief in die ekonomie terug te kry: Chris Luyt.

Employee wellness: service providers, employers must engage more directly

The effect that being financially fit will have in optimising job engagement and being healthier is phenomenal.

It is getting to the change agents of the organisation that is very important

The purpose of Wellness Day is to make employees aware of their health status, and this prompts change in their lifestyle: Chris Luyt.

Millennials re-shaping the workplace: healthcare impact

They prize education and learning, value life balance and appraisal, and are more aware of their own ability within a global world: Barry Vorster.

Don’t trash millennials

They are different but have much to offer.

56% of people change their lifestyle if they know there’s a problem

People that live into their old age have have a common denominator: they’ve had the ability to build positive human relationships - those are the elements that we’re missing in the workplace: Chris Luyt.

The role of technology in the healthcare space

In this video interview Gustav Praekelt, founder and chariman of the Praekelt Group, answers the following questions: Tell us about the Praekelt Group… How can technology be leveraged to empower people? But how do we assure end-users of our technology that their information is secure? What excites you about the future of connectivity? This content

Changing human behaviour one bot at a time

Simple mobile tech tools.


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